Toyota Innova Type 2 Modified With Alphard Grille [Video]

toyota innova type 2 with alphard grille

Toyota Alphard is a car which does not need much introduction. The car comes under the minivan segment which is very popular globally. In India, minivan segment includes cars such as Toyota Vellfire, Mercedes Benz V Class, Kia Carnival etc.

The mighty Toyota Alphard stands out from its competition due to its design which features a massive chrome grille upfront. Earlier, we covered a Toyota Vellfire which was fitted with an aftermarket grille to look like a Toyota Alphard.

Both of these cars look similar and come under the same segment. Hence, the change made sense but today we are going to cover a rather unique conversion, a type 2 Toyota Innova which has been fitted with Alphard grille. The project is showcased by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. Now, let’s talk about the video in detail.

First let’s talk about the before look of the car. The car was a type 2 Innova finished in silver colour. This version of the MPV was sold from 2009 to 2011. For those who don’t know, Innova was first launched in the year 2005 in the Indian market.

Toyota Innova Type 2 Modified With Alphard Grille [Video]


The car had undergone four facelifts before it was replaced by the Toyota Innova Crysta in 2016. Regarding the condition of the car, consider its age, the car look pretty good. Some signs of aging are evident such as yellowing of headlights, missing parts, faded paint along with some dents and scratches.

The only issue with the car is its outdated look. The type 2 Innova seem quite old now and its charm has fallen down. Regarding the engine, we already know that nobody can beat Toyota when we are talking about reliability. The same is the case with this car. Only the looks will be updated and the car will be kept exactly the same mechanically.

Changes to be made?

The host discusses that what changes will be made to the car. Broadly speaking, this type 2 Innova will be converted to the type 4 Innova which looks much more modern and stylish with sleek elements. The major highlight of this project is its grille.

This Innova will be fitted with a big chrome grille inspired from the Toyota Alphard. Additionally, major work will be done in the car’s interior and the paint color of the car will be changed.

The host mentions that for type 2 to type 4 conversion, 18-20 parts have to be changed which includes headlights, taillights, front bumper, rear bumper, fog lights, grille and much more.

The final product

The paint color chosen for the car is similar to Midnight blue. Additionally, the MPV has been loaded with Projector headlights, LED taillights, 16-inch alloy wheels, and tyres, GR Sports steering wheel, ambient lights, and 7D Mats. As mentioned earlier that the interior of the car will be reworked. The cabin is now finished in a unique black and ice gray theme. Overall, this project has not only updated the car to look modern but also adds a lot of functional mods to it.