Type 3 Toyota Fortuner modified to look like Legender [Video]

Toyota Fortuner is an SUV that needs no introduction in Indian market. It has been ruling the segment for over a decade and even now the popularity of the SUV has not come down a bit. One of the issue that many Fortuner owners face these days is the price of the SUV. It has gone up tremendously and a customer who wants to upgrade to the current version is hesitant to do that because of the steep pricing. In order to solve this issue, there are several garages who deal in Fortuner conversions and here we have one such video where a type 3 pre-facelift Fortuner has been neatly converted into a Legender.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. The owner of this Fortuner had got the work done on his other vehicles in the past and this is his third vehicle. The Fortuner was in Black finish but, the type 3 SUV had several dents and scratches and the owner wanted a fresh look too. Along with the exterior, interior of this SUV was also customised. The SUV was brought to the workshop and the team soon started working on it. They marked all dents on the body and removed the front headlamps, grille and bumper.

Paint from the panels where dents were marked was removed and it was all fixed using a dent puller machine. Once the dents were fixed, a thin coat of putty was applied on these panels to achieve an even look. The bonnet also got a thin putty coat for an even look. After the putty had dried, the excess amount of the putty was removed using a sander. Later, the paint was removed from all the panels before repainting and a guide coat was applied to check the evenness of the surface. A coat of prime was then applied on the whole SUV. After this, the car was taken to the paint booth and a coat high quality black paint was sprayed on to the SUV. The doors, tail gate, bonnet, Legender bumper (both front and rear) were all painted black.

Type 3 Toyota Fortuner modified to look like Legender [Video]

Clear coat was also applied on the car to achieve the glossy finish. The headlamps and the front grille was replaced with Legender like units with dual-function LED DRLs and LED headlamps. The tail lamps have also been replaced. The stock alloy wheels on the SUV were replaced with aftermarket dual-tone units. Along with the exterior, interior of this Fortuner have also been customised. The interior gets Legender like theme. The original leather seat covers were replaced with dual-tone red and black custom seat covers. The door pads also get leather wrap and it gets ambient lights too. The steering wheels has also been restored and it gets leather wrap as well. The SUV was looking like a brand new Legender from outside and with the interiors customised like Legender, it is quite hard to recognise, if it was actually a type 3 Fortuner SUV. The work done on this SUV looks extremely neat.