Type 3 Toyota Fortuner modified with Legender body kit looks brilliant [Video]

Toyota Fortuner has been in the market for over a decade and it has been ruling this segment for years now. Like other Toyota products, Fortuner is also popular among buyers for its reliability and there are many Fortuners that have done over 2 lakh km on odometer and are doing fine without any issues. There are many Fortuner owners who do not want to sell their vehicle but want a new look to it. There are several aftermarket body kits available for Fortuner in the market. Here we have a video where a type 3 Toyota Fortuner has been neatly modified with a Legender body kit.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. In this video, a customer brings in 2017 model Toyota Fortuner in white colour. The owner mentions that the car was parked outside for all these years and many of the panels had started rusting. The team checks for issues and once they took a look at the car, they started working on it. The team checked the rust on the whole car and once they figured out the areas, they makred them and started fixing it. Meanwhile, the front bumper, grille, headlamps were all removed from the SUV.

There were minor scratches and dents on the car along with rust issues. All the chrome garnishes on the body had lost their shine and were looking dull. The owner mentioned that he wanted completely change the colour of the SUV from white to black along witha Legender kit. As part of the conversion, the tail lamps and rear bumper were also removed. After all the dents and scratches along with the rusted panels were fixed, a thin coat of putty was applied on the car. Excess putty was removed from all the portions using a sander and the original paint was also removed before taking the car to the paint booth.

Type 3 Toyota Fortuner modified with Legender body kit looks brilliant [Video]

Before taking the car to the paint booth, the Legender body kit was installed on the SUV along with the headlamps and tail lamps. They were all fitting perfectly and the lights were working just fine. After this, the car was taken to the paint booth and a coat of primer was applied on the car before painting the original paint. Once the primer had dried out, premium quality paint was sprayed on to to the panels. The front grille, front and rear bumper were all painted black separately. Once the black paint was applied, clear coat was applied on it.

The owner was going for an all-black theme, so the dual-tone alloy wheels on this SUV wre also finished in black. The finished product was looking extremely good. The colour opted for this Fortuner is called Attitude Black which is a shade that Toyota offers with Fortuner. However, Legender is only offered in white shade for Indian market. The SUV was looking like a Legender or a GR-SPort variant of Fortuner which cost over Rs 50 lakh in India now. The work done on this SUV looks extremely neat. It does not look like a type 3 Fortuner from any angle.