Type 4 Toyota Innova MPV neatly modified with Lexus body kit looks sporty [Video]

Toyota Innova is probably an MPV in India that has no haters. This MPV has been in the market for over 15 years and the popularity has not come down. Like many other Toyota product, Innova is also a popular choice among customers for its low cost of maintenance, space, comfort and an extremely reliable engine. We have featured many Toyota Innovas in the past that have completed lakh kms on odometer without any major issues to the engine. For those, who are bored with the look of their regular Toyota Innova, there are aftermarket body kits and modification options available in the market. Here we have a video where a type 4 Innova has been modified and painted in sporty Nardo Grey shade.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. In this video, a Toyota Innova type 4 has been neatly modified on the outside and also gets interior customisation. The Innova was not in a very state when it arrived at the workshop. other than couple of dents, no major damage was seen on the car. As part of the modification, the team starts working on the car. They dismantle the front grille bumper and headlamps. Similarly, the rear bumper on the MPV is also removed. Once this is done, they mark the areas that had dents and scratches on it.

Once the dents were markes, the painted was removed from those panels and the dent was fixed using a dent puller machine. After the dent was fixed, a thin coat of putty was applied on those panels to achieve a smooth finish. The excess putty was then removed using a sander and the original paint job on the car was sanded away before repainting. Meanwhile, the door panels and dashboard on this car were removed for interior customisation. The customer had opted for a brown and beige dual-tone treatment for the cabin. Th existing seat covers on this Innova were removed replaced with custom made seat covers made from Suede material.

Type 4 Toyota Innova MPV neatly modified with Lexus body kit looks sporty [Video]

It is a very comfortable and sweat free material which also look premium on the car. The door panels were all painted in beige and the dashboard was given a brown paint job. The seat cover was finished in dual-tone. Coming back to the exterior, inside the paint booth, the car got a Nardo grey shade. The colour was looking extremely good on the car. The spoiler, front grille, side skirts, Toyota logo and badges and the door handles were all finished in gloss black. The front grille on this Toyota was replaced with a custom made Lexus type grille.

The stock headlamps were replaced with aftermarket, dual projector units. The original steel rims on this Innova were replaced with matte black dual-tone aftermarket alloy wheels. This adds to the sporty look of the car. At the rear, the original tail lamp has been replaced with an aftermarket all-LED unit. The car gets Lexus like rear bumper kit with twin faux exhaust tips integrated into it. A set of reflector lamps can also be seen here in the video. Overall, the work done on this Innova looks very neat and the Nardo Grey shade gives it a sporty look.