5 Kinds Of People Who Should NOT Buy Electric Cars

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Over the last few years, electric cars have become a lot more prevalent in the country, and people are now quickly adopting these alternative vehicles. These eco-friendly vehicles offer numerous benefits, including lower emissions and reduced fuel costs. However, while electric cars are suitable for many drivers, they may not be the ideal choice for everyone. So today we thought we should talk about the types of car buyers for whom an electric vehicle may not be the ideal choice.

People who live in old apartments with no charging points

5 Kinds Of People Who Should NOT Buy Electric Cars

The first type of car buyers who are looking to upgrade their old cars, who should not buy EVs, are people who live in older apartments. The main reason for these people to not opt for electric cars is that they generally do not have access to charging infrastructure, which can pose a significant challenge for them on a day-to-day basis. Unlike ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles that can be refueled at the nearest petrol stations, electric cars rely on charging stations for power. So without a dedicated charging point at home, owners may find themselves struggling to maintain a sufficient charge level on their cars, which ultimately will lead to inconvenience and range anxiety. Additionally, relying solely on public charging stations may not always be practical or cost-effective, especially in areas with limited infrastructure.

Frequent highway travelers

5 Kinds Of People Who Should NOT Buy Electric Cars


Next up, individuals who frequently travel on long-distance journeys or commute on highways are the type of buyers who should not opt for electric cars. This is because even though advancements in battery technology have extended the range of electric vehicles, they still typically have a lower range compared to traditional fossil-fueled cars. Also, highway drives can quickly deplete the battery, which then requires frequent stops for recharging, and this can significantly extend travel time, which is not very convenient. So until charging infrastructure in the country becomes more extensive, frequent highway travelers will find petrol-powered cars more convenient for their needs.

Those who drive less than 30 km/day

5 Kinds Of People Who Should NOT Buy Electric Cars

While electric cars are best suited for short commutes, they are not very practical for people who drive minimal distances on a daily basis. This is because electric vehicles offer maximum efficiency and cost savings when they are utilized for frequent use on a daily basis. All of the electric cars available in the country are currently available at a price which is considerably more than their ICE counterparts. So if an individual does not drive their electric vehicle, the higher upfront cost may not be justified by the savings on fuel and maintenance over time. So a high daily run of more than 30 km is one of the key requirements for any person who is planning to buy an electric vehicle.

Those concerned about resale value

5 Kinds Of People Who Should NOT Buy Electric Cars

Indian car buyers are very conscious when it comes to resale values of the cars that they buy during the buying process. And it being a serious consideration for many car buyers, buying an electric car may not help them. This is because generally electric cars may not hold their value as well as their petrol counterparts. One of the major contributing factors to the quick drop-off in resale values of EVs is the pace of technological advancements in EV technology. People want the latest technology in their vehicle, and this results in old cars getting outdated quickly, hence a reduction in the demand for used electric cars.

Additionally, uncertainty surrounding the longevity and reliability of electric car batteries is also a huge deterring factor for a lot of used car buyers, which eventually contributes to lower resale values of EVs. So it is suggested that individuals who prioritize resale value and long-term investment potential should opt for traditional fossil-fueled cars instead of electric vehicles.

Those who want to jump in and start driving at an instant

5 Kinds Of People Who Should NOT Buy Electric Cars

One of the conveniences of petrol-powered cars is the ability to refuel quickly at petrol stations and continue on with minimal downtime. On the other hand, electric cars require more planning and consideration due to the need for recharging. Now at the moment, the charging infrastructure is continuing to expand, it may not offer the same level of convenience and accessibility as traditional petrol stations. Also, even if more fast charging stations are created, they will still take more time to recharge the electric cars than the time it would take to refuel traditional cars. So individuals who value spontaneity and flexibility in their transportation choices and do not want the hassle of charging an electric car should go with ICE cars.