Tyre comes off pick up truck: Sends car flying in the air [Video]

We have come across several videos on the internet where careless driving has caused accidents. Sometimes, these accidents happen due to the driver’s carelessness, while in other cases, the cause is something else. There have been instances where people get involved in accidents through no fault of their own. Here, we have one such video from the United States of America, where a Kia Soul goes airborne after a loose tyre from a nearby moving truck hits it on a freeway. The video has already gone viral and has been featured by several news agencies.

The video captures the astonishing moment when a dark-colored Kia Soul unexpectedly takes flight on a highway. Interestingly, the footage was actually recorded by a Tesla vehicle operating on Autopilot, using its dash cam. The owner of the Tesla, Anoop Khatra, shared the video on Twitter. At the time of the accident, the Tesla was positioned directly behind the Soul. The accident happend on Ronald Reagan Freeway. The Kia Soul swiftly zoomed past in the fast lane and proceeded to overtake a truck in the adjacent lane. It was precisely at that moment when the front left tyre of the truck suddenly detached and rolled directly beneath the Kia, propelling it into the air.

The Kia Soul, after its airborne journey, descended onto the road with a thud, its nose hitting the pavement. As it landed, parts and debris scattered in every direction. It remains unclear whether it was the quick reflexes of the Tesla driver or the Autopilot system that veered to avoid the flying wheel, ultimately coming to a safe stop. Eventually, the Kia settled back onto all four wheels, while the runaway tyre made contact with it once again, this time from behind. Remarkably, this additional impact caused no further harm to the vehicle or its occupants.

Tyre comes off pick up truck: Sends car flying in the air [Video]
Kia Soul accident

Surprisingly, despite being a major accident, the occupants inside the car emerged without any significant injuries. The video also captures the presence of the silver-colored truck that was responsible for causing the accident. Within a matter of seconds after the left front tyre detached from the truck, the driver skillfully maneuvered the vehicle to the side of the freeway. Unfortunately, the Kia Soul driver had no opportunity to evade the accident. Before they could even register the presence of the tyre in front of their vehicle, the accident had already transpired.

The car suffered severe damage during the incident. If there is a video that exemplifies the significance of seatbelts, this is it. The passengers in this vehicle would have sustained serious injuries had they not been wearing seatbelts. Additionally, as the tyre made initial contact with the front of the car, we can only hope that the airbags were also deployed. All of this serves as a compelling demonstration of the criticality of safety features in a car.

We drive cars on highways almost every day in India. In India, the speed limits on most highways are around 80-100 kmph. It is always crucial to inspect the vehicle before embarking on a long journey, and periodic maintenance is equally significant. The exact cause of the tyre becoming loose in this particular case is unknown.