‘Tyre-killer’ installed in Noida to prevent wrong side driving: Watch it in action [Video]

Driving on the wrong side is a major menace on the Indian roads. It creates chaos and often leads to long jams and accidents. After Pune installed the tyre killers on the road last year and then took them down, Noida became the second city to get the tyre killers. Here is the video of the first tyre killer in action in Noida.

The first tyre killer has been installed as a pilot project by the Noida Police department. It has been installed in Sector 76 of the city and similar tyre killers can be installed all over the city after the completion of the test of the first tyre killer. As per the report, other cities of the Uttar Pradesh state may also get such tyre killers if the pilot project succeeds.

The tyre killers are installed to prevent the wrong-side driving. They have sharp spikes mounted on a spring that retracts if the vehicle is moving in the right direction of the road. However, if the vehicle is coming from the opposite direction, the sharp and pointy tyre killers do not retract and they can destroy the tyre of any vehicle. While it will cause the tyres to blast instantly at slow speeds, it can lead to huge accidents if a vehicle hits them from the wrong direction at high speed.

Noida Police has taken a special initiative and has been announcing the installation of the heavy duty tyre killers around the city. They have also put huge signs above the tyre killer to ensure that people notice the firewall and do not go over it from the wrong side. Once a vehicle hits the tyre killers from the wrong direction, they will need to replace the tyres as the size of the spikes are quite large.

The police officials earlier identified five major points where the wrong side riding and driving is the most common in Noida. All the five spots will see the installation of the tyre killers in the near future. After the installation at Sector 76, the police will install the same kind of tyre killers at Sector 77 North Eye junction, Hoshiarpur U-Turn, Sai Temple U-Turn in Sector 61 and near Sector 75 metro station.

Tyre Killer Featured 3

If the tyre killers become successful in Noida, the police departments of other states may take similar steps to reduce the wrong side driving menace. The step has been taken by the government after failing to make the motorists understand the need of following the traffic rules. However, the tyre killers have been deemed dangerous by the Pune cops and they were removed from the roads after an order from the authorities.

In Pune, a private residential complex installed them without any permission from the government officials but in Noida, the police department itself has installed the tyre killers. Such tyre killers are used by the cops of many international countries to stop vehicles forcefully and are installed on the roads for temporary use but in Noida, these structures will stay forever if they found to be useful.

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