Tyre killers are USELESS: Here’s proof [Video]

Tyre killers became the talk of the town a few weeks back when the Noida authorities decided to install them as a pilot project at several locations of the city. The tyre killers were installed to stop the flow of traffic from the wrong direction of the road, which creates jams and chaos. But here is a video proof that shows how useless the tyre killers are really are and how people are disregarding them.

The video shows the tyre killer installed at one of the locations in Noida. The tyre killers get uni-directional spikes that can set against the wrong side vehicles and can burst the tyres. According to a report, these tyre killers cost Rs. 1.7 lakh each and have been installed as a pilot project to see their effectiveness against the wrong side vehicles. However, the video shows how effective they really are.

The tyre killers are armed with spring-loaded spikes that go down whenever the vehicle from the right direction goes over them. The spring action of the spikes retracts them quickly after the vehicle from the right direction passes over them. These spikes have gaps between them, which can be utilised by the vehicles with thin tyres like motorcycles and cycles. As seen in the video, a motorcycle rider comes really close and carefully guides the front tyre from the wrong side of the tyre killer without getting affected at all. He zooms past in the wrong direction. A few cycle riders also came and guide their front tyres in between the spikes.

This shows how useless the tyre killers are, especially when people have found a way around it. Even after installing the deadly tyre killers, people are not afraid to go in the wrong side of the road to save travel of a few hundred metres. The tyre killers were installed post the wrong side driving menace increased by a lot in the area. It used to create endless traffic jams every day. Now that a few people have found the solution to the tyre killers and have started going on the wrong side of the road, we are sure that many more will choose to do the same in the future. It will again become a menace, which will be difficult to handle.

It should be noted that the tyre killers were removed from society in Pune after the authorities said that they are extremely dangerous. Such tyre killers can burst the tyres of vehicles coming from the wrong side and if the vehicle is at a high speed, it can lose control and cause accidents. In Noida, the tyre killers came off the roads within 24 hours of their installations. The bolts used to place the tyre killers on the roads became loose, which caused the spikes to move from the place.

The authorities have not said if they see the pilot project as a success but we expect to hear a comment from them soon. If the pilot project is deemed as successful, you will soon get to see such tyre killers at various cities in Uttar Pradesh including the capital Lucknow.