Tyre pressure monitoring system now offered on new Maruti Swift, Dzire, Brezza & more

Maruti Suzuki is now offering a crucial safety device – tyre pressure monitoring system – as an official accessory. It’s priced at Rs. 12,990. Maruti dealers will sell and fit this accessory in almost all the cars sold by the brand, including the new Swift, Dzire and Brezza. The new Maruti Swift, Dzire and Brezza are among the automaker’s largest selling cars, and are also available with a range of personalization options under the iCreate program.

Tyre pressure monitoring system now offered on new Maruti Swift, Dzire, Brezza & more

What’s a tyre pressure monitoring system?

As its name suggests, a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) continuously measures the pressure of each of the four tyres of the car, giving the driver vital inputs. A low tyre pressure can cause a tyre burst, and at high speeds – which is when tyre bursts generally happen – can cause severe accidents. In most cases, an accident caused due to a tyre burst sees people losing their lives. So, a TPMS is a great safety feature to have. With the Maruti Swift, Dzire, Brezza and other cars from the automaker getting TPMS as an official accessory, it gives owners an opportunity to boost the safety levels of their vehicles.

How does a tyre pressure monitoring system work?

A TPMS generally has 5 sensors, with one sensor for each wheel, including the spare wheel. These sensors measure air pressure in the tyres and relay it to an in-car display, usually through Bluetooth technology. This allows the driver of the car to continuously monitor tyre pressures, and adjust driving/tyre pressure accordingly. When the tyre pressure increases beyond a certain point, especially while high speed driving, it’s advisable to take a break and allow the tyres to cool off before resuming the journey. Similarly, upon spotting a lower than usual tyre pressure, the driver has to inflate the tyre to the correct pressure.

There are multiple TPMS units available as after market accessories. You may search the internet for the various TPMS options available for your car.