Uber arriving from the Arabian sea? Mumbai man’s hilarious Facebook photo breaking the internet

Imagine a typical situation, wherein you book a cab using the Uber cab aggregator app. So, you would check out the driver details and note the route that the cab is taking to reach you. In most cases, the cabbies take the simplest/shortest route to reach you. In some cases, the cabbie even calls you up to ask you about your exact locations.

uber funny image copy

Hussain Shekih, a Digital Marketing Manager from Mumbai, was having a pretty normal day until he booked a cab on Uber. As he could see on the Uber app, the cab he booked was driving on the Arabian Sea! Hussain was quick to share a screenshot of the app on Facebook, with a caption that read – ‘Aslam bhai submarine se aarele hai (Aslam is coming in a submarine)”. Soon, his post went viral and last we checked, it received over 2.5 k likes and roughly 6.1 k shares. The incident attracted so many eyeballs that RedFM Lucknow decided to interview Hussain to ask him about this funny incident.

It may be noted that Uber enjoys a huge popularity in India. It has more than 500 million registered users in our country. The cab aggregator app, which was launched over four years ago, is so widely used that India has become the largest overseas market for Uber. The demand for Uber cabs, which are available in 29 cities across the country, increased by 2.5 times June 2016 and June 2017. India was the 18th market for the San Francisco-based company back when it launched its services here.

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