Jimny, Thar, Fortuner, Hilux And Endeavour Go Dune Bashing: Here’s How They Did [Video]

Indian 4X4 SUVs Dune Bashing

Off-roading is an adventure sport that is slowly attracting many 4×4 owners in the country. Several groups in India organize such off-road expeditions, with some even offering instruction to new SUV owners interested in off-roading. SUVs like Mahindra Thar, Fortuner, Endeavour, Gypsy, Jimny, and Hilux are commonly found in these groups. In the following video, these SUVs engage in dune bashing in the desert, showcasing how each vehicle performs on this challenging surface.

The video, shared by Anshuman Bishnoi on his YouTube channel, begins with the vlogger introducing all the SUVs that were part of the group. All members of the group were experienced off-roaders, with most making necessary modifications to their vehicles. Many of the vehicles have been remapped, and they also feature upgraded suspension. The vlogger showcases the Mahindra Thar, Ford Endeavour 3.2, Toyota Fortuner, and a modified Toyota Fortuner Type 2 with an engine swap. This particular Fortuner, finished in Nardo Grey shade, is equipped with a 4.0-liter V8 engine from Toyota. The video also features the Maruti Jimny.

The SUVs are then driven to the location, where the group identifies a climb that proves to be challenging due to loose sand. Despite its appearance, the loose sand makes the climb significantly more difficult. The vlogger mentions that his Mahindra Thar diesel automatic managed to climb only on the fifth attempt. Each SUV is given three attempts to climb the slope. The Ford Endeavour 3.2 is the first to attempt the climb, driven by an experienced driver. However, the SUV struggles and gets stuck in the sand halfway through the climb.

Jimny, Thar, Fortuner, Hilux And Endeavour Go Dune Bashing: Here’s How They Did [Video]

Following the Endeavour, the Toyota Hilux with upgraded suspension attempts the climb. The pickup truck reaches almost to the top but loses traction, slowing down. In the second attempt, the SUV successfully climbs without any issues. Next is the Jimny, equipped with RT tires, an engine remap, and a slight improvement in power and throttle response. Despite the driver’s efforts, the Jimny loses traction midway and fails to climb even on the third attempt.

Subsequently, the Mahindra Thar successfully climbs without any issues, as does the current-generation Toyota Fortuner. After the Fortuner, the Type 2 Fortuner with the 4.0-liter V8 attempts the climb. The sporty exhaust note of the SUV is clearly heard in the video. The SUV fails to climb in the first attempt due to the driver not maintaining the proper line. However, in the second attempt, the driver successfully completes the climb. The second Hilux in the group, with stock settings, also manages to climb.

By this point, the tracks are destroyed, and the challenge is not sufficient for the vehicles. The Mahindra Scorpio N, with added underbody protection, attempts the climb but fails. The Jimny is given another chance, and this lightweight SUV effortlessly climbs up. Overall, the SUVs perform well in the video, with only a few vehicles unable to clear the obstacle. Driving on sand is extremely tricky, and all the drivers have sufficient experience and preparation to face any situation. They were travelling with back up vehicles that had recovery equipment in case any vehicle gets stuck or breaks down in the middle of the desert.