Ultraviolette starts testing F77 electric motorcycle in heatwaves [Video]

In India, electric vehicles are becoming slowly popular. We have seen several electric scooters but the only electric motorcycle on sale right now is the Revolt. When it comes to electric motorcycles, you might have heard of Ultraviolette who first launched their electric motorcycle, the F77 in 2019 but they have not yet delivered any units to the customers. They are still testing the F77. Now, the manufacturer has released a new video on YouTube in which they are testing the F77 against the heatwaves.

As you might have heard, some of the electric scooters have caught fire. Okinawa even recalled 3,215 units of Praise Pro electric scooters. Ola’s S1 Pro and Pure EV’s electric scooter, Jitendra EV’s electric scooter and Sahara’s scooter have also caught fire. So, it makes sense that Ultraviolette is thoroughly testing its F77 in cities where there are high temperatures and heatwaves.

In the video, we can see Narayan Subramaniam who is the founder and CEO of Ultraviolette. He says that the motorcycle is being tested in Vellore. It is 40 degrees and he will be riding the electric motorcycle through the city, highways and some steep uphill climbs. The ride starts at 12 PM. The team wanted to get data in the hottest conditions possible. This would also be a good test for the F77 itself.

Ultraviolette starts testing F77 electric motorcycle in heatwaves [Video]

After riding for 1 hour and 15 minutes, the rider completed 20 km. The pack voltage was at 56.1 Volts, the pack current was at 352 Amps, the cell temperature was 39 degrees and the maximum cell temperature was 41 degrees. The cell voltage was 4.01 Volts and the MOSFET temperature was 78 degrees.

Then the rider rides through the villages and foothills of Yelagiri. The pack voltage is 54.3 V, the pack current is 358 Amps and the max cell temperature is 41 degrees. The cell voltage is 3.87 Volts and the MOSFET temperature is 81 degrees. These ridings are after riding for another hour. Then the rider takes the motorcycle uphill. At the summit, it is now 6 PM. So, after riding for 6 hours, the battery does not overheat and the F77 does not stop.

In 2019, the F77 was launched at a price of Rs. 3 lakhs ex-showroom and goes up to Rs. 3.25 lakhs ex-showroom. There are three variants on offer, Lightning, Shadow and Laser. It has a top speed of 147 kmph which makes it the fastest electric two-wheeler in India. The F77 can hit 60 kmph in 2.92 seconds and 100 kmph in 7.5 seconds. It has a max power output of 33.5 bhp and a peak torque output of 90 Nm. The riding range of the electric motorcycle is 130-150 km.

The F77 is using a  modular lithium-ion battery that Ultraviolette claims have the best Power Density, Energy Density, Cycle Life, and Resistance to extreme shock and vibration. The regular charger will charge the battery to 80 % of its capacity in 3 hours while the 100 % charge will take 5 hours. The fast charger will bring the battery up to 80 % of its charge in just 30 minutes with the full charge taking just 50 minutes.

Initially, the F77 will be exclusive to Bangalore, and Ultraviolette will slowly increase its reach. The deliveries are expected to start by the end of this year.

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