Unable to find cab, Pune man orders burger from Zomato and makes delivery agent drop him home [Video]

Zomato delivery agent drops off influencer

India is filled with unique and very intelligent people, and with the rise of social media, these people are coming into the spotlight. Recently, an influencer on social media shared a very funny and genius video. The influencer in this video took a lift from a Zomato rider who was delivering this influencer’s food order to his home. The entire story of this funny and intelligent incident has been shared online.

Viral Zomato Hack


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This viral humorous video has been shared on Instagram by Sarthak Sachdeva on their page. It starts off with the presenter mentioning a small problem that he faced. He stated that recently he was unable to find a taxi from Ola or Uber to reach his home. He added that he tried for a while but could not find any cab, so he came up with a genius idea. Moving forward in the video, he unfolded his plan.

The influencer then stated that to reach his home, he entered the nearby mall and ordered a burger from there. Now, he did not order this burger to eat at the restaurant. He chose the food delivery app Zomato and ordered the burger for delivery to his home’s address. After placing the order, he then waited at the restaurant inside the mall until his delivery rider arrived. Before arriving, he called the delivery rider, revealing his plan.

Unable to find cab, Pune man orders burger from Zomato and makes delivery agent drop him home [Video]

During the call, the influencer humorously explains to his rider that he will be taking the order of his burger as well as him to his house. After this, the rider arrives at the restaurant and picks up both the order and the influencer. The Zomato food delivery rider was also impressed with the influencer’s unique plan, and to cherish this moment, he clicked a picture with him. The influencer jokingly mentions that you need a Harvard degree to do stuff like this.

Happy ending

Soon after this, both the delivery agent and the influencer start the ride on the bike. And after talking for about a few minutes, they reach the influencer’s home. Lastly, the influencer in the video mentions and shows that after reaching the house, he thanked the delivery agent and shared the burger that he ordered with him to end this video on a light-hearted note.

This is not the first time that food delivery have been used for interesting videos. Last month, we had an instance where people stuck in heavy Bangalore traffic ordered a pizza from Domino’s. The pizza arrived, and the delivery man located the driver by tracking him using Live Location on Whatsapp after a phone call.