Unacademy CEO’s family & pet rescued from Bangalore floods by tractor [Video]

As we all know, Karnataka is currently experiencing heavy rains and many parts have seen waterlogging. Bengaluru is one of the worst hit places and in the last couple of days we have seen several videos and images of people struggling to get to office and other places available online. Several cars and bikes have submerged in water and the state has reported losses worth hundreds of crores. Schools and colleges are shut and many offices have offered work from home to their employees. A video of Unacademy CEO Gaurav Munjal has now surfaced online that shows him and his family getting rescued from Bangalore floods on a tractor.

The situation in Bangalore remains the same. Many streets are waterlogged and the water has got into lower floors of many appartments and residences. Tractors ferrying people on road has become a common sight on Bangalore roads. Gaurav Munjal, CEO of Unacademy also had to rely on tractors to escape from his flooded society. Gaurav Munjal wrote on Twitter, “Family and my Pet Albus has been evacuated on a Tractor from our society that’s now submerged. Things are bad. Please take care. DM me if you need any help, I’ll try my best to help.”

In this video, the Gaurav Munjal along with his family and his pet dog can be seen in the trailer of a tractor. Gaurav is probably sitting on the tractor while rest of his family is sitting in the trailer including the dog. It is not just Gaurav Munjal who has gone through such a situation, upGrad CEO, Arjun Mohan had also shared a similar experience where he took a tractor ride to reach office. It is not just CEOs and CFOs of companies  but general public has been relying on such tractor services lately. A video from a posh colony in Bangalore had also gone viral recently. Several luxury cars were also submerged in water. Cars from brands like Lexus, Bentley, Audi, Land Rover were all in water. We have seens similar videos from other parts of the country but, this is probably the first time, Bangalore has experienced such heavy rains and flood.

Unacademy CEO’s family & pet rescued from Bangalore floods by tractor [Video]

There are several things that one must keep in mind if you find yourself in such a situation. If water is getting into your apartment, move to a place which is not waterlogged and only get out if it is absolutely unavoidable. Never drive your car through waterlogged roads. If there is an alternate route available take that. At time, there is no other way but to drive through the waterlogged road. Wait for any large vehicle to go through the road and follow it as it would give you an idea whether the road in front is safe to drive your car or not. If the water level is at par with your bonnet, then there is a possibility that water can blow the ECU. Water might even get in through the air intake the engine would get hydro locked. repairing this would be an expensive affair and it would take time too.