Uncommonly modified cars of India

Uncommonly modified cars of India

There are some cars that are commonly modified, like the Swift, Cruze, etc and then there are some cars which we barely ever see modified, like say an Alto 800 or a Datsun Go. Keeping that in mind, here are 10 cars that are not usually modified:

Maruti Swift Dzire

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The Swift is the most popularly modifed car in the country. However, the sedan version of the Swift, the Dzire is not so popularly modded. There are very few examples of modified Dzires in the Indian market, mainly down to the fact that the person who wants something sporty and mod friendly would rather opt for the Swift.

This Dzire here has gotten a massive make over. This includes a new front end, with a new grille and bumper. The bumper now has a splitter and canards on the side as well. There is a new bonnet scoop which has been added and the headlamps have been blacked out and the top portion has been painted silver. On the side, there are new side skirts and rims.

At the back too, the tail lamp has a silver  strip on top. Other additions at the back include a new bumper with quad exhausts and a diffuser. There are new vents that have been added to the side of the bumper too.

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Force Cruiser

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Most of you wouldn’t have heard of the Force Cruiser. It is mainly sold to cab companies who want to stuff in a lot of people. If you stay in the smaller towns, you would have surely come across this. The cruiser is a massive UV which has multiple rows of seating.

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This owner here has decided to covert his massive UV into a pick up of sorts. He has chopped off the roof of the last portion of the vehicle and has added in re-inforcements. The UV gets a new bumper up front and a new tail gate with tail lamps borrowed from the Bolero.

Maruti Alto 800

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The Alto is India’s best selling vehicle. The main reason why one buys an Alto is because it is a no-nonsense car. It is cheap to buy, run and maintain. Here is one example of a modified Alto 800, which has been given quite a makeover. The most prominent change to this car is a new body kit. This body kit contains a new grille, a new bumper which has a lot more muscle, side skirts and side body moulding, a new rear bumper with a diffuser and dual exhaust tips. This certainly makes the Alto look a lot more cooler.

Maruti S-Cross

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The S-Cross is Maruti’s answer to the Creta. While the Creta went on to top the sales charts in its segment, the S-Cross couldn’t do the same. The main reason behind that was it was more of a large hatchback than a out and out SUV/crossover, something that people didn’t like.

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The 1.6 liter diesel engine on the S-Cross though happens to make it very fun to drive. This one here has been lowered using custom springs and sits on 18″ rims. the lowering does certainly add to the look of the car and makes it more appealing.

Ford Figo

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The Ford Figo is an enthusiast focussed hatchback. For its price, the diesel is the fastest hatch and it even gives the GT TDi a run for its money. This one here is a 1.5 liter petrol with a dual clutch autobox though. The most noticable thing on the Figo is the fact that it has been lowered using Vogtland lowering springs. Other mods include new 15″Momo rims and custom eye lids for the headlamps.

Source:  2sti

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