Unconscious truck driver jumps divider and falls from seat: Caught on camera

A horrific video of a driver losing control of the truck chassis has gone viral on the Internet. The video from an unknown location shows how the truck driver is thrown around after losing the control over the chassis. While we do not have much details of the incident, what do you think must have happened.

The video taken from a vehicle which was following the truck chassis shows the truck going over the road divider and the driver falling from his seat. The truck chassis goes over the median and then turns direction towards the other end of the road. Since there was no one to control the truck chassis, it goes over the road dividers and finally ends up in a ditch on the roadside.

The driver seems to be unconscious and was not even trying to take the control back. Luckily, he did not fall off the truck and got injured or came under the wheels of the truck. It seems like he was safe in the end. But what do you think must have happened that made the driver lose control in the first place?

Unconscious truck driver jumps divider and falls from seat: Caught on camera

What could have gone wrong?

The driver could have slept off but in most cases, when the vehicle starts to deviate, the sleepy drivers tend to get a jolt and wake up. It is quite possible that the driver was sleeping and after the truck hit the the divider, he was thrown out of his seat and got unconscious. Because if he was conscious in the first place, he would have tried to gain back the control of the truck chassis.

There have been many incidents recorded on camera of the driver falling asleep and getting into mega accidents. But in every case, the driver wakes up and tries to gain back the control. Most of these truck chassis do not have seatbelt. They are raw chassis picked up from the factory and are delivered to the body shops where the cabin and other load carrier is installed.

Another possibility of the truck driver losing the control of the truck is heart attack. Such sudden heart attacks are also recorded on camera and causes the driver to pass out immediately. In the video, no one stopped to check if the truck driver was safe though.

Due to consistent driving, which requires a lot of attention on the road, it is natural to feel tired. However, what’s more, important to do is to keep note of that fatigue and take a break for some rest or energy drink before completely falling asleep. This way, one can avoid bigger damage which can lead to an accident, which can not only be fatal for that particular vehicle driver but also for other motorists driving around him.

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