Underage BMW driver crashes at high speed: Pune fire brigade rescues him from mangled car

Speed thrills but kills. And if it doesn’t kill, it surely might bring in unwanted and hefty medical and repair bills. This statement will hold for a BMW 5 Series driver, who crashed his car so badly, that the engine had to be cut off to rescue him.

The incident is from the city of Pune, where a 17-year old boy crashed a white coloured BMW 5 Series on a divider while driving on the DP Road. Accompanied with two other similarly-aged boys, the underage driver was heading from DP Road to Mhatre Bridge around 2:30 am at a very high speed. However, due to excess speed, the driver lost control over his car and hit it on the divider present on the road.

The impact due to the crash was so huge that the car’s engine went inside while breaking the wheels. Due to this, the legs of the driver got stuck in the vehicle, making him unable to move. The other two boys managed to come out of the car from the front by breaking the front windscreen. Thanks to the immediate deployment of airbags, no major damages were caused to the occupants inside the car.

On receiving an SOS call at 2:42 am, the fire brigade officials from Erandwane fire station reached the accident spot and started the rescue operations, which finally got over at 3:30 am. To take out the feet of the driver and rescue him safely, the fire brigade team headed by Officer Rajesh Jagtap used cutters and other tools to cut the metal rods of the engine.

Car driver arrested

Underage BMW driver crashes at high speed: Pune fire brigade rescues him from mangled car

All the three boys were taken to a private hospital, where they were examined and given preliminary medical aid before discharging. However, a non-cognizable case has been registered against the underage driver at the Alankar police station of Pune.

This accident is a clear case of the carelessness of an underage driver who wanted to experience the thrills of driving rashly without having the required legal driving license and expertise to drive a car as powerful as a BMW 5 Series. In such cases, the guardians of such under-age drivers should give them proper guidance and let them handle the steering wheel of the car only when after they attain the legal age of driving.

In the past, courts have also punished the parents of underage drivers. However, the police have not provided any information on taking action against the parents of the underage drive.

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