Unhappy owner of Mahindra XUV300 uses it to collect garbage [Video]

Buying a car is still a huge thing for many people in India. Be it used or a brand new car, people think it as a long-term commitment and they aim to utilise the vehicle to the fullest. There have been many incidents where people have been given defective cars which creates a lot of issues for the owner. We have seen people make donkeys pull such cars in the past. In most cases, the issues are rectified or in some cases, the owner is given a new vehicle. Here we have one such video where the owner of an unhappy Mahindra XUV300 used it to collect garbage.

The video has been uploaded by Oneindia Punjabi on their YouTube channel. The incident has been reported from Punjab. The custom bought a brand new XUV300 SUV from a Mahindra dealership near his place. Mahindra recently launched the XUV300 with new logo in the market recently. The owner after buying the car went out for a drive with his family. He soon faced an issue with the car and it was not performing well. The car stopped working after some time and it was not starting up. The ower took the car to the dealership from where he bought the SUV.

According to the owner, he visited the service center for almost 10 days and his issue was still not resolved. They took the car to the service center but, the issue still remained. When the owner complained about the issue, he mentions that the dealership threatened him and said that if he creates an issue they will not fix the car and they won’t let any other service centre fix it for them. By this time, the owner of the XUV300 was frustrated with the vehicle and when he found that even after repeated complaints his issues were not being addressed, he decided to protest in a different manner.

Unhappy owner of Mahindra XUV300 uses it to collect garbage [Video]

He pasted USE ME stickers all over the body of the car and turned it into a dustbin on wheels. He can be heard saying in the video that the car is of no use to him and that is why decided to collect garbage. He wants the dealership to take the car back. He can be seen putting garbage in the boot of the car. One of the poster on the car says “this dustbin is worth Rs 15 lakh and not even Ambani or Adani has this”. If the reports are true, then it is the dealership and the service centre that must be blamed. Every vehicle that is delivered to the customer should be inspected before delivery and if there are any issues the service centre should actually fix it under warranty or replace the vehicle. In this case, the owner even mentions that the service centre has replaced the bumper and grille on his vehicle after he gave it to them. The front bumper of the SUV gets the old logo while the rear has the new twin-peak logo on it.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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