Unhappy Tesla Model S customer blows up his car using 30 kilos of Dynamite

Tesla is one of the most popular electric car manufacturer in the world. They became popular in western countries in a very short span of time. The long driving range, lower running cost rising fuel prices have lead to the popularity of electric cars especially Tesla. There are several models available in the market and one of them is Model S. Here we have an interesting video where an unhappy Tesla Model S customer blows up his car using explosives. Why did he do that? let’s check the video to find out.

The video has been uploaded by Pommijätkät on their YouTube channel. In this video, the incident happened in Finland. The owner Tuomas Katainen had bought Model S in 2013. Tesla is known for innovative and futuristic products. Model S was one such innovative product. lately, Tesla customers have been facing several software issues. Glitches related to autopilot, aemi-autonomous driver assistance system have been reported. Tuomas Katainen can be heard saying in the video that for the 1,500 kms the car was working great.

After that, the car started showing multiple errors. Once the error popped up in the car, the owner took the car to a Tesla service station on a tow truck. He left the car there and it remained their for almost a month. After a long waiting period, Tuomas got a call from the service centre saying that they have tried several methods to fix the issue but, the car is not fixing.

Unhappy Tesla Model S customer blows up his car using 30 kilos of Dynamite

The Tesla technician said that the only way to fix the issue is to completely change the battery pack. Changing a whole battery pack in a Tesla is an expensive affair. The technician asked for approval and mentioned that this repair would cost the customer around 20,000 Euros. Tuomas was unhappy with the experience as there was no guarentee offered on EV’s faulty parts.

The customer did not approve of the replacement and brought the car back from the service station. He then thought of blowing the car up using explosives and started doing research for that. He then got in touch with his friends and arranged explosives and made other necessary arrangements. They even got a dummy of Elon Musk dropped from a helicopter for this video.

The YouTube channel made a bunker and placed all there cameras and other equipment in it. 30 kilograms of dynamite was being used on a single car and that is too much. The explosives were placed only on one side of the car so the explosion would simply push the car to the rear where there were mountains.

All of them sat inside the bunker and the owner pressed the button. Cameras were placed at multiple location to cover the blast. Within seconds, the whole car had turned into dust. The chassis, plastic trims, glasses all shattered and were all over the place. One of the camera that was recording the blast showed a shockwave and then right after that the Tesla Model S just vanished into thin air.