Unhelmeted cop uses phone while riding, jumps signal & ABUSES biker when confronted [Video]

While there are still scores of two-wheeler riders in India who remain unaware of the helmet safety and decline to use a helmet, even the law enforcers are often caught riding without the important safety gear. A cop in Mumbai was caught on camera for riding without the helmet and jumping traffic signals. He was confronted by a biker and who received abuses in return.

Helmet-less cop abuses a biker

The video put up by Rev It Up on YouTube shows the video taken from the helmet-mounted camera of the rider. The rider can be seen following a Mumbai police officer on his motorcycle who is without a helmet and riding fearlessly on the streets of the city. The cop can also be seen passing a police station and waving at random cops without fearing his unlawful act.

As the cop approaches a traffic signal that turned to red on the camera, the person making the video can be heard saying that he wants to see if the cop will follow the rules. But surprisingly the cop just takes his motorcycle to the side and breaks the signal alongside another random person on a scooter. Since the rider wanted to confront the police personnel, he really wanted the signal to turn to green quickly but he waits until the signal turns green. When the rider stops at the signal, it shows “48 seconds” to turn the light to green.

Unhelmeted cop uses phone while riding, jumps signal & ABUSES biker when confronted [Video]

As soon as the signal turns green, the rider can be seen accelerating quickly to catch up with the police officer. Luckily, he found out that the cop got stuck in the traffic and after that, the cop started talking on the phone through the headphones. Finally, when the rider asks him “Where is your helmet?” in Marathi to the cop can be heard asking “What?” The inspector then says what helmet and starts abusing the rider. The inspector also asks “Who are you to ask me this question?” The cop rudely asks the biker to go away from the spot and also tells him that the biker has no right to ask him such questions as he is not a police officer. When the rider asks about breaking the traffic signal, the cop says that he can break more signals and will also hit people on the way. The policeman also says “I am flying” to the rider. After the cop abuses the rider, he goes away from the spot without saying anything further.

It should be noted that in the past many civilian motorists have confronted the cops for not wearing helmets and breaking other traffic rules. With the impact of social media, such things become viral quite quickly nowadays and we are sure that the state government or the police force will take action against the cop in the coming days.