Craziest Maruti Omni ‘LIFTED’ pickup truck you’ll ever see [Video]

Maruti Omni lifted monster truck

Known as the “kidnapping car” in India, the Maruti Omni is one of the most iconic cars ever sold in the country. After remaining virtually unchanged in design for nearly three decades, this iconic van was discontinued due to stringent emission and safety standards. Recently, a person from Kerala has created a unique car by reviving an old Maruti Omni. He has made himself an Omni pickup truck, which has been lifted. The video of this distinct creation has been shared online.

Maruti Omni Modified

The video of this unique Maruti Suzuki Omni lifted pickup truck has come courtesy of Pulikattil Sachin from the YouTube channel. The footage documents a visit to a nearby workshop where Sachin was accompanied by his friends. He then unveils the modified Omni pickup truck for the first time.

Over the years, we have seen numerous modified Omnis. However, among all Omni modifications witnessed previously, this one stands out the most. The van has undergone a complete transformation into a pickup truck. This is reminiscent of the Suzuki Carry pickup available in the market.

Details of this Omni Pickup Truck

While specific details of all the modifications done on this vehicle remain undisclosed, we can note a number of different things done on this car. Owned by Nikhil Kumar from Kerala, the modified Omni features a lovely, shiny green paint job.

Notably, the stock front bumper has also been changed with an off-road-specific metal bumper. It is also complemented by blacked-out headlamp covers housing aftermarket projector LED units. Another major modification done on this car is the addition of a lift kit.

Craziest Maruti Omni ‘LIFTED’ pickup truck you’ll ever see [Video]

Other Modifications

To add to its already monster-truck-like appearance, the owner has also added widened front and rear fenders. This has been done to accommodate new blacked-out rims paired with chunky off-road tires.

The exhaust system, which has been redirected to sit behind the driver’s cabin, adopts a quad-exhaust setup resembling heavy-duty trucks. In the video, the owner of this Omni revs it continuously to present its unique exhaust note.

The video also shows the rear section of this unique Maruti Omni. It gets a significant alteration that sees the rear portion of the van removed and made stronger to support an open loading bed.

It also gets aftermarket tail lamps to replace the original units as well. On the inside, this Omni has undergone heavy customization. Specifics regarding costs and details remain undisclosed though.

Craziest Maruti Omni ‘LIFTED’ pickup truck you’ll ever see [Video]

Is this legal?

As we all know, car modifications in India are strictly frowned upon by authorities. Because of this, most likely the owner will not be able to enjoy this unique pickup truck on the road.

Any modification to the appearance of the car gets easily flagged down by the RTO and police authorities. They either seize the vehicle or issue fines as stated above.