PeV Phantom: India’s First 3-Wheeled Electric Scooter For The Elderly [Video]

PEV Phantom 3 wheel electric scooter

Electric scooters have gained a lot more popularity in India in the last few years. Currently, the major players in the electric scooter segment are Ola Electric and Ather Energy along with TVS and others. However, there are numerous small manufacturers that also sell electric scooters on a local level. Recently, showing one such unique locally made electric scooter from Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, a video has been shared online. This particular electric three-wheeler scooter has been specially designed for elderly people. It’s called the PeV Phantom.

Three-wheeler electric scooter for elderly

The video showing the PeV Phantom electric scooter for the elderly has been shared on YouTube by Mr. Auto. It starts with the vlogger showing the complete design of this unique three-wheeled electric scooter. He states that this scooter has been created by the Kela Sons dealership from Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh.

Following this introduction, the vlogger then shows the design details of this scooter. He states that this scooter gets a halogen headlight at the front and a complete fiber body. From a distance, this scooter looks very similar to the Suzuki Access 125. After this, he shows the front fascia of the PeV Phantom scooter which gets halogen turn indicators.

Main highlights of this scooter

PeV Phantom: India’s First 3-Wheeled Electric Scooter For The Elderly [Video]

Moving on, he then shows the 10-inch alloy wheel at the front. This wheel comes with a 190mm disc brake. Apart from this, he then shows the main highlight of the PeV Phantom scooter, and that is its seating layout. Unlike traditional electric scooters, this scooter comes with two separate seats.

The front seat has been fixed on top of a stand which allows it to slide forward and rear. It also gets a recline angle adjuster. Apart from this, the rear seat is also separate and gets a lot more cushioning for comfort.

PeV Phantom: India’s First 3-Wheeled Electric Scooter For The Elderly [Video]

Like the front seat, this too can be adjusted according to the person sitting on it. Both front and rear seats get adjustable armrests on each side. Apart from these, the presenter then also shows the storage spaces in this scooter.

He first opens up the rear storage shell placed behind the rear seat. Following this, he then lifts the rear seat to reveal additional storage space below. Next up, he shows the charging port of the scooter placed in front of the rear seat.

PeV Phantom battery and motor specifications

PeV Phantom: India’s First 3-Wheeled Electric Scooter For The Elderly [Video]

Before talking about the battery and electric motor, the presenter highlights that this scooter is not required by the RTO to be registered. However, he adds that buyers should still wear helmets while riding this scooter for their own safety.

Moving on, the vlogger mentions that this electric scooter comes equipped with a 60V 32AH lead-acid battery. It can be upgraded to a Lithium-ion battery with additional cost. He also talks about the range of this scooter, which is 50-60 km in a single full charge.

Following this, he then shows the electric motor of this scooter. He states that it comes equipped with a 1000W electric motor which powers both rear wheels. He then shows the digital instrument gauge cluster of the scooter and the switchgear. The vlogger adds that it comes with forward and reverse gears.

As for the price of this scooter, it is priced at Rs 88,000. The shop manager states that it can be delivered to any place in India but it requires the full payment in advance. The company also requires the customer to pay for the shipping charge which varies between Rs 5,000-10,000.