Unmarked speed breaker causes massive accident

Indian roads are one of the most dangerous in the world. Scores of commuters lose lives daily due to accidents. Here is one such incident, reportedly caused due to the negligence of the municipal corporation in Pune. Long story short, a Tata Indigo Manza sedan found itself stuck atop a few trees. Yes, you’re reading right.

What exactly happened?

Unmarked speed breaker causes massive accident

The accident is said to have taken place during the early hours of the day between 4 am and 5 am near National Institute of Bank Management (NIBM), Pune. The stretch is quite long and has a slight slope on it. Even though the road is an active space for vehicular movement during the day, it gets lonely at night.

The long, empty stretch invites people to drive at high speeds during the wee hours. To stop people from speeding, the Pune Municipal Corporation built a huge speed breaker on this stretch. However, the speed breaker, was left unmarked. Morever, no warning board was put ahead of it.

A speeding Tata Indigo hit the speed breaker, and went flying into the air. The sedan into a clump of trees, saving the passengers from any hard impact of the ground. Even though the locals said that the accident caused a death, police sources confirm that no one was seriously injured in the car.

Reportedly, there were many minor accidents by many other vehicles passing through the stretch. The latest report claims that the temporary speed breaker has been removed by the municipal corporation.

How to stay safe on Indian roads?

  • Be extra vigilant when driving alone on a road. The best way is to follow another car at a safe distance.
  • Reduce speed on unknown roads, a huge pothole or a speed bumper may show up suddenly, driving at a slower speed gives you more time to react.
  • Keep an eye on diversions. Most of the highways go through repair work late at night to cause minimum interference to the traffic.
  • Check for animals like cows resting in the middle of the road. They are pretty big, and can cause huge damage to your car and injure you.
  • Be aware of unmarked dividers. Such dividers are very difficult to spot during night if there are no street lights and can cause massive accidents.

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