Angry TVS Apache 160 owner stages mock burial of his motorcycle to highlight issues: Now resolved by TVS [Video]

India is one of the largest market for two wheeler manufacturers in the world. Majority of people in our country still ride a two wheeler. Owning a car is still a luxury for most number of people. The two wheeler segment in India holds a lot of potential and in the last one decade we have seen several new and international brands entering Indian market. The rising competition has also helped some of the manufacturers to improve the quality of their models too. Here we have a video of a TVS Apache 160 4V customer who is not satisfied with the bike and also the service center experience.

The video has been uploaded by Arun Panwar on his YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger talks about his friends experience after buying a TVS Apache 160 4V motorcycle. The owner of this motorcycle bought this bike in March this year. He mentions that when he asked for suggestions from people, most of them recommended the Apache as it was affordable and was also offering good fuel efficiency. The bike was in his budget and he bought the special edition version of the motorcycle finished in matte black and Red.

After buying the motorcycle, he used the bike for almost 6 months before facing the issue. One fine day, his motorcycle’s digital instrument cluster, horn, turn indicators and headlamps stopped working. Even when he turns the key on, the light or display doesn’t come up. The Smart X Connect Bluetooth feature on his bike was also not working. Once he faced this issue, he took the motorcycle to an authorised service centre. He first went to Shiv TVS Sohna, Haryana near his place. They took the bike in and said that the owner will have to pay Rs 500 as inspection charges to see if there is an issue with the wiring or not.

He argued with the service center that this is a brand new bike with only 1800 km on odometer. He did not make any changes to the bike to get this issue. Finally, they agreed to check the bike and found that the fuse had blown. They replaced the fuse on this bike. However, they installed a fuse that is normally used in Yamaha R15. Upon asking, the service centre said, it won’t be a problem as both motorcycles use same fuse. The instrument cluster and every other feature started working and while they were on their way out of the service centre, the issue came back.

Angry TVS Apache 160 owner stages mock burial of his motorcycle to highlight issues: Now resolved by TVS [Video]

This time, the service centre asked them to take the bike Vardhman TVS, Palwal, Haryana. The owner bought the bike from this dealership only. Upon reaching the dealership, the owner told him about the issue and the service staff told them that they need to inspect the wiring. If it is a manufacturing defect, it would be fixed without any charges and if the wires were cut at any place then the owner will have to bear the inspection charges. The owner agreed and he found that the wires were not cut. They did some tacky work once again, to temporarily fix the issue. They told owner that they will have to change the wiring on this bike completely but, they can only do it after the temporary fix on this bike goes bad.

They are not even ready to place an order for the wiring set for the motorcycle as it would easily take 15-20 days. The owner rode the motorcycle with the temporary fix for 10-15 days and he is no facing the issue once again. Vlogger mentions that the owner is really frustrated with the service centre experience and also the build quality of the motorcycle from TVS. He even wrote to TVS and has not received any response in return.

TVS has now got in touch with the customer and resolved the issue. The company has released a statement that said. “TVS Motor Company had reached out to the concerned customer and addressed the issue. The same has been resolved now and the motorcycle has been handed back to the customer after an in-depth inspection and thorough check by our dealer. The customer is happy and satisfied with the resolution.”