Unusual Bike Modifications from India

Unusual doesn’t necessarily mean bad. So when we say ‘unusual’, we mean a bit different from the norm. They can of course be tasteful or downright ugly, depending on your personal preference. Here are a few of those, which according to us, are special in their own ways.

Yamaha FZ based Diffuser


FZ is a naked street fighter. It handles city roads brilliantly — not just by the way it looks but also the way it rides — and owing to the smooth engine and gearbox, it’s a pretty easy bike to live with. But the custom example by Indi Custom Garage is way more special than the regular bike. To start with, it’s something unique. In comparison to a regular FZ, the single seater bike has a different riding position, comes with KTM’s upside down forks, and also gets a free-flow exhaust. The headlamp is now a smaller circular unit while the custom fuel tank is very RE-ish.

Rajdoot 175 based Simplicity


Rajdoot was indeed simple, and much like its name, the custom bike is all about simplicity. It’s a cafe racer based on the Rajdoot 175 but depends heavily on simple styling — the lack of panels and the use of simple materials pretty much sums it up. Single seat with slightly forward-biased riding position, small rear-view mirrors, and a black and green paintjob make it stand out.

Hero Honda CD100 based Super Strange


‘Fill it, shut it, and forget it’ might have been the philosophy behind a frugal and easy to live with bike, the CD100, but the ‘Super Strange’ — yes, that’s what it’s called — by Nomad Motorcycles is something different. It’s halfway between a cafe racer and a cruiser — clip-on handlebars on an increased rake. But it does have a lot of character. First, the engine isn’t an RE unit, so that clearly sets it apart. Second, the design and mechanical elements — girder forks, front disc brake setup, custom tank and seat, rectangular headlamp, etc. — define it, and not its platform.

Rajdoot cruiser by Nomad Motorcycles


Much like the Simplicity above, the Rajdoot cruiser by Pune-based Nomad Motorcycles is a thing of beauty. All panels have made way for a custom tank. The chassis is clearly elongated, uses a hard-tail setup, and a custom suspension up front, too. The design on the tank, the front hub, and the crankcase is sort of psychedelic, and that makes the bike so much more special. Look closely and disguised among the chassis components is a thin exhaust pipe, too.

Pulsar 200 DTS-i based cafe racer


Ask any Pulsar aficionado about the 200 DTS-i, and he’s likely to sing praises of the bike. That’s because, although short-lived, the bike enjoyed cult status. It was once the most powerful, non-faired Pulsar you can buy, and certainly an improvement over the lesser versions. The Pulsar P200GT by NY Customs is like a celebration of all good things the above mentioned model offered. It gets a single seat, a custom-made fairing, clip-on handlebars, and slight modifications done to the powertrain — a K&N air-filter, bigger jets in the carb, and an aftermarket exhaust.

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