‘Unusual’ modified cars of India

There are some cars that are mainly bought by enthusiasts and go on to become modifiers favorites. Then there are others that people buy for practicality. But give an enthusiast a not-so-common car and he will find a way to make it interesting. Here are 7 unusual cars that have been modified.

Maruti Alto

alto 1

The Alto is Maruti’s cheapest offering. It is mainly bought by those who want a practical no nonsense small car that is cheap to run and maintain. This owner however didn’t want his car to be like any other Alto.

He has repainted the vehicle in a bright green shade which makes the car tough to miss. He has opted for a custom body kit. The body kit comprises of a new front and rear bumper, custom fenders, wider wheelarches and a custom bonnet. The vehicle now sits on larger 14″ Vossen replica wheels.

alto 2 alto 3

Under the hood, the headers have been changed and the air filter has been upgraded to a K&N one. At the back, the owner has added a cycle carrier. We never thought the Alto could look so different.

Hyundai Eon

eon 3

The Eon is another entry level hatchback which is mainly bought due to its price and practicality. The owner decided he wanted to add a little sportiness to his ride and ended up with this.

eon 1

This Eon, which has its own FB page has a massive body kit with a front splitter. vertically mounted LEDs and air vents before each fender. The grill has also been reworked and now looses out on the Hyundai badge. At the back too, the bumper has been given a shot of steroids. The new bumper is a lot chunkier than the stock one. There is also a diffuser which has been integrated into the rear bumper. The whole cost of the body kit is roughly Rs 45-50,000 according to the owner.

eon 2

The Eon comes with two engine options, one the 800 cc unit which makes 55 Bhp and 75 Nm and a larger 1.0 liter unit which makes 68 Bhp and 94 Nm.

Tata Nano

nano 1

The Nano was launched as the world’s cheapest car, a tagline that didn’t do so well for the company. People didn’t want to be seen in the cheapest car of the world and hence the Nano didn’t really do the numbers Tata would have hoped for. Since the Nano has the engine at the back and the engine powers the rear wheels, it could be a fun car if it had more punch and was lower.

nano 2

People at JA Motorsport have done just that. They have lowered the car, given it massive fenders and a custom wide body kit that makes the Nano look huge. It has been given more fire power as well. Powering the Nano now is a 1.3 liter engine that makes a massive 230 Bhp and 190 Nm.

nano 3

The engine is mated to a 6 speed manual gearbox and can do 0-100 in sub 6 seconds which is really fast. The top speed has been limited to 160 kmph. It is also track ready as it is fitted with MRF slick tyres which are very grippy.

Maruti Wagon R

wagon e

The ‘Blue eyed boy’ manages to find a spot on this list surprisingly. The Wagon R is a very popular car due to its tall boy design which makes it one of the most practical hatchbacks in the segment. However it is not a car that most enthusiasts would pick courtesy its boxy design.

This owner however thought otherwise. He has gone for a massive body kit on the car which actually looks pretty nice. This comprises of a new grill which has lost all the chrome elements, larger air vents in the bumper along with custom LED lights as well. The owner has also opted for aftermarket rims with chrome lining.

Honda Amaze


The Amaze’s sibling, the Brio is very famous in the modifying circuit. However, the Amaze was never car that was modified. We found one example of a tastefully done Amaze though from down South.

amaze 2

This one has a custom body kit which includes a new front bumper, side skirts and a new rear bumper. The front bumper has a splitter as well as canards which make the car look mean, something the Amaze isn’t actually. The car also sits on lager Tenzo racing rims

Hyundai Santro

santro 1

Hyundai made its entry into the Indian market with this car. It had a long run and was very well appreciated by everyone. The car was pretty popular among those looking to buy an entry level vehicle back then. Here is an example of a modified Santro Xing.

santro 3

The car is the bright green shade which came as an option from the company. It has black bumpers. These bumpers have been redone and now the car sports a wide body kit. This includes larger front bumper, new front fenders and the fact that the car has a two tone theme, it makes the car stand out.

santro 2

Under the hood, the owner has got in a new Automech exhaust system along with a HKS Intake. The car now sits on 14″ concave rims.

Toyota Etios Liva

etios 4

The Etios Liva has always been a good product. It had a lot of space, was decent to drive and being a Toyota, reliability is something that the owner didn’t have to bother about. There are a few modified examples of the Liva which can been seen in the country though.

etios 3

This one here has been done by Perfamana and though it looks pretty normal, it is a crazy car. Why? The owner has added a Garrett turbocharger to the Liva and it now produces a massive 200 Bhp with the help of a custom ECU upgrade. To keep the engine running cool, there is a Garrett intercooler as well. To keep the boost in check, a Turbosmart BOV has been added. A Red Rooster Racing exhaust has been added to make it sound sweet.

etios 2

To keep the car close to the ground, the suspension has been replaced by a Tien one. Visually, there is nothing much different. There is a set of auxiliary lamps up front, a custom body kit with LEDs at the bottom. The car now sits on a larger set of aftermarket rims.

Image source: eon, wagon r,  amazealtolivasantro