10 unusual but SUPER-useful & affordable car accessories

The car is where most of us spend hours to commute during a day. That is why most of the car owners look for accessories that help them make the vehicle their personal space and make the drive an enjoyable experience. While there are numerous car accessories that you can spend your money on, we have found a few highly interesting ones on the Internet. The best part is that these accessories do not cost much too.

Air Ionizer

Price: Between Rs 350 to Rs 6,999

10 unusual but SUPER-useful & affordable car accessories

There are many cars available in the market that now offer inbuilt air purifier. With the rising level of pollution in the metropolitan cities, it has become important to save yourself fro the harmful pollutants. There are different kinds of ionizers and purifiers available in the market and most of them are quite useful and do as advertised. Depending on the technology and complexity of the device, it can cost you as low as Rs 350 while the high-end cost you more than Rs 6,999!

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LED wheel lights

Price: Rs 99 to Rs 700

Most of the car enthusiast keep their vehicles squeaky clean and polished. Well, at night you may add LED wheel caps that glow when in motion. These glow caps can be put in on the tyre fill valve and many of them also offer inbuilt air pressure level system.

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Solar fan

Price: Rs 450 to 799

10 unusual but SUPER-useful & affordable car accessories

As the temperature is rising throughout India, parking the car directly under the sun with the windows closed can give you a bad experience. Due to the large windshields and windows, a closed car acts as a greenhouse and traps all the heat. To overcome this, small solar-powered fans have been developed that can be mounted on the windows. These fans bring in the fresh air and put out the stale air to keep the temperature inside the car in control.

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Solar sunshades

Price: Rs 2,000 to 10,000

10 unusual but SUPER-useful & affordable car accessories

Another way to keep the cabin cooled under the sun is to add a sunshade to your car. This ensures that the sunlight does not enter the car at all and the first step of the greenhouse effect is cut down. You can order such sun shades online depending on the size of the car. These work as an umbrella and keeps the vehicle protected from any kind of climate changes.

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Portable battery charger

Price: Rs 4,000 – Rs 12,000

10 unusual but SUPER-useful & affordable car accessories

Most of us use mobile power banks to keep our phones juiced up. Well, there are similar products of a dead car battery too. Depending on the model of your car and the size of the battery used by the vehicle, you can buy a power bank battery charger for your car. These are high power battery banks that can be used to jumpstart the car. A very useful product when travelling.

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LED signboards

Price: Rs 2,000 to Rs 7,000

If you ever wanted to put up a glowing signboard on your car, here are a few options that are small option to fit. The LED-powered signboards are compact in size and are completely programmable. You can use the 12V sockets to power the signboards and put on any message that you want.

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Cooking on the way

Price: Rs 3,500

10 unusual but SUPER-useful & affordable car accessories

If you love going on road trips, you may face the lack of hygienic restaurants in remote locations. Well, here is a 12V power socket-powered cooker that can be used to cook a few things that require boiling on the way. You can find an option here on Banggood.

Smartphone HUD

Price: Rs 2,500

Heads-Up Display (HUD) is available with many high-end cars. The system works by projecting information straight in the windshield, which ensures that the driver does not have to take off the eyes from the road. You can buy a device that will make your phone work as a HUD and will display important information like direction, speed and more.

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Anti-glare windshields

Price: Rs 200-Rs 500

10 unusual but SUPER-useful & affordable car accessories

All car users should really have one of these installed in their cars. Most Indian drivers use high beam all the time, which gets really irritating for the driver of the oncoming car. You can install this anti-glare device on your visor, which is a reflective screen that prevents the high beam glare from bothering you.

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Laser stop lamps

Price: Rs 300-500

10 unusual but SUPER-useful & affordable car accessories

This car accessory can be really helpful in low-light conditions. The brake lights of your car double up as laser light to help the driver behind you to keep a safe distance from your car. This will prevent them from crashing into your car, in case you suddenly apply the brakes.

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