UP cop kicks Honda City and abuses driver: Caught on cam

The police force in India is often derided for its behaviour towards citizens it is meant to protect. Even though there are many good stories involving the cops, there are quite a few situations that involve a rude or a badly behaving cop. Here is one such video from Kanpur shared by the popular RJ Sid of Big FM that shows how rude the cops can become.

What exactly is happening here?

The video shows a Kanpur local policeman repeatedly kicking a Honda City and abusing the driver. The cop hit the driver door multiple times even as the car driver sits inside the vehicle without any reaction. The car driver does not even roll down the window of the vehicle. After the cop’s repeated kicks, the door of the Honda City even gets a big dent.

Events leading to the cop’s outrageous behaviour

There was an accident on the road and only a single lane was open at the time of the accident. The cops were around the vehicle involved in the accident as the other vehicles were passing by. The Honda City driver slowed down to see what happened at the site when the cop started repeatedly kicking the sedan.

Allegedly, the Honda City drove over the foot of the cop and he can be seen limping for a few steps with his left foot. The other cops present at the scenario do not intervene and continuously ask the driver “if he was blind”. Later, the sedan just drives away from the cops, but not without a badly dented front door.

How justifiable is the cop’s action?

UP cop kicks Honda City and abuses driver: Caught on cam

The cop destroyed the property of a private citizen, which is illegal. Even if the car indeed ran over the foot of the policeman, it doesn’t give the cop any right to physically damage the car. The cop seemed fine and was able to walk so it is quite possible that the tyre just brushed his foot. The car driver gawking at the accident may have unintentionally hit the cop’s foot, which is quite common on streets filled with pedestrians but kicking a vehicle repeatedly is not the correct way of dealing with the situation.

The situation could have been much worse had the car driver also reacted aggressively. It is always a good idea not get engaged in road rage. The video is a perfect example of how people in power abuse their position to harass the common man of the country. Have you ever been in such situation? What do you think is the best way to deal with such rude cops in India?

Video Credits: RJ Sid FB page