UP Police sends a convoy to celebrate 1st birthday of a girl during Corona Virus lockdown [Video]

Birthdays are always special, especially the first ones. Under the lockdown, there are many who could not celebrate their birthday as they would have liked and it is all for the safety of everyone. The current lockdown is till 3rd May but the authorities may announce another extension after assessing the situation. Well, this young girl in Uttar Pradesh received a grand surprise from the Uttar Pradesh police on her first birthday.

The incident happened in Mathura, UP. The video, which has now become viral on the Internet shows the cavalcade of UP Police coming in full glory to celebrate the first birthday of the little girl.

In the video, there are several official vehicles of Uttar Pradesh police. At the front, two Bajaj Pulsar motorcycles lead the way while following them are three official Toyota Innova MPVs. In the sweeping position, there are two more Bajaj Pulsar bikes. All the vehicle seen in the video are decorated with balloons of different colours and they entered the lane with their siren and flashers switch on.

The group of policemen in face masks and gloves then gifted a cake to the one-year-old girl and her parents came out to receive it. They also played the happy birthday song for the little child.

UP Police sends a convoy to celebrate 1st birthday of a girl during Corona Virus lockdown [Video]

While the girl may not remember the grand birthday surprise in the coming years, it sure is a great gesture from the Uttar Pradesh Police team. Due to the lockdown, many people have pushed their plans of marriage and other events. However, birthdays can’t be postponed and the UP Police have ensured that they celebrate the birthday of this child is the greatest way possible.

All of India is currently under a lockdown, which has already been extended once by the government. The lockdown is to stop the spread of the highly contagious SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is commonly known as coronavirus. The virus spreads through the nasal droplets of the infected person and can survive on various surfaces for hours. Any healthy person touching the infected surface and then touching the face can immediately get infected. The incubation period of the virus is about 14 days, which means that you may not immediately see the effects of the virus on your body. Also, there are many cases where the infected person does not show any symptom of the virus and keeps on spreading it to the other people.

In India, thousands of cases have been officially registered. The government has allowed the essential service providers to operate and deliver the products. On 3rd May, we may get to see more relaxations. However, coming back to normal life may take a lot longer than a few months.