UP Police arrests man doing push-ups on a moving Mahindra Scorpio SUV

If you are active on social media, you might have watched a video of a man who climbed up a Scorpio and started doing push-ups on the roof of the SUV. The video went so viral that the UP Police themselves saw the video and issued a challan to the boy. They also tweeted the video on Twitter saying “Some Pushups will only bring you down in the eyes of Law ! Stay Strong, Stay Safe !” The tweet also used hashtags #UPPCares and #UPPolice. 

The video already has more than 59,000 views on Twitter alone and the numbers are increasing gradually. The general public also likes the new way that UP Police used to send a message to the general public and showing how the punishment can look like. There are also a lot of appreciative comments that you would see on Twitter.

In the video, we can see a guy coming out of the driver seat of a Scorpio that is going on a public road. The guy then gets on the roof and starts doing push-ups on the Scorpio’s roof itself.  Then the video shows us a text message saying “You worked out hard, here is your reward”. An image of the challan that was issued to the violated comes up on the video. Then the video of violated starts playing in which he states his name and says that he did a very dangerous stunt with the vehicle and he will not repeat it again in the future. We can also see the Scorpio parked behind the violater that was used for filming the stunt video. Then we see a message video message from Ajay Kumar, who is the IPS SSP for Firozabad. He says that the challan was done by a traffic sub-inspector in respected sections that were violated. He further adds that the violater will be guided. Then there is a message by the police saying “Performing Stunts while driving is a punishable offence, it can be harmful to you and others around you.” The message further adds “Drive Safe Be Safe.”

UP Police arrests man doing push-ups on a moving Mahindra Scorpio SUV

Public Stunting

Stunting on public roads is illegal and for a good reason. Stunts like these can easily go wrong very easily. For instance, if there would have been a small pebble or stone, the tyres of the SUV would have turned which would have resulted in the car going somewhere towards the sides of the roads. And because the driver was on the roof, there was no one in the vehicle to control the steering. So, there is a very high chance that the car would have ended in a fatal crash. Doing such stunts on public roads also distracts the attention of fellow drivers and they could also result in an accident.

Police nowadays are using speed detection cameras, radar guns, CCTV cameras and other equipment to catch the violates. The police have now started relying on modern equipment. This also means that most of the time the cops will have a piece of strong evidence such as a picture, video clip etc. against the violater which means that there will be no saving. So, it is always better to be careful, stay within the limits and follow every rule.