UP Policemen beat each other up for the front seat of patrol Toyota Innova [Video]

Uttar Pradesh Police often gets into the headlines but this time, it was a bizarre incident that has become viral on the Internet. A group of policemen from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh were caught fighting in the video for the front seat in the patrol vehicle.

The clip, which was shot by a passerby shows the Police Response Vehicle (PRV), which is a marked police vehicle parked on the roadside. Two policemen in uniform can be seen fist fighting aggressively in the bushes on the side. A third policeman also joins in the fight towards the end of the video and starts beating the other constable. The video was taken by a passenger of a car, which was crossing the incident.

The constables engaged in the fight have been identified as Rajesh Singh and Sunil Kumar. The identity of the third person is not out yet. The marked police Toyota Innova with the number PRV 428-UP 100 can be seen parked on the roadside, for which the policemen were fighting.

UP Policemen beat each other up for the front seat of patrol Toyota Innova [Video]

All the three constables were on duty and were on routine patrolling duty in the Bithoor area. The police official said that an argument started over a seat of the vehicle, which then turned into a full-fledged fight. According to the police officer, two constables tried taking the front seat of the vehicle at the same time. After they could not resolve the issue, an argument turned into the fistfight.

The police officers have also said that both the police officers have been suspended after the video became viral on the Internet. Currently, the cops have investigated the matter and the constables will remain suspended from the duty till it completes.

Toyota Innova is a widely used vehicle in the various state police forces of the country. The Innova is known for its extremely comfortable seats and unshakable reliability. That is why the Innova is so popular among the taxi operators and are used as tourist vehicles. While the rear seats of the Innova are quite comfortable, some people do prefer the front seats of the vehicle. There is no rule that states that a particular officer ranked should sit in the front or rear. It is not known of the constables who were seen fighting were put on duty for the first time or they have been working for a long time.

This is not the first time that the Uttar Pradesh Policemen got into fights publicly. Earlier, a video showed that UP policemen fighting in full public view over a bribe. The policemen were then suspended from the duty. It is not known what course of action will be taken on the officers if they are found guilty.