Up to Rs.75,000 off on Ford cars this December

Ford India dealers are offering attractive discounts this month. This is what they call the ‘December Dhamaal’ and will last till December 15th 2011. The company has announced offers on all its models including the recently launched global Fiesta sedan, the Figo, Ford Endeavour and the Fiesta Classic. The discount ranges from Rs. 15,000 – Rs. 75,000 depending on the model and the variant. Let’s get into the details of the offer.

Ford Figo

Up to Rs.75,000 off on Ford cars this December

Ford offers a cash discount of Rs. 15,000 for Figo petrol variants. The base Figo (LXI) which costs Rs. 3.70 lakh will now costs Rs. 3.55 lakh. Post this discount the Figo LXI costs Rs. 4,000 lesser than the Chevrolet Beat petrol base variant (PS) which costs Rs. 3.59 lakh. The Figo LXI is also Rs. 55,000 cheaper than the Nissan Micra petrol base variant XE which costs Rs. 4.10 lakh.

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Ford Fiesta Classic

Up to Rs.75,000 off on Ford cars this December

Ford is offering free insurance worth Rs. 20,000 on the Fiesta Classic diesel LXI and Fiesta Classic diesel CLXI variants. The Fiesta Classic LXI, offered at a price of Rs. 6.38 lakh is still Rs. 17,000 dearer than the Tata Manza Aqua Quadrajet priced at Rs. 6.21 lakh and Rs. 23,000 more than the Mahindra Verito D4 priced at Rs. 6.15 lakh.

The Fiesta Classic CLXI is offered at a price of Rs. 6.79 lakh making it Rs. 14,000 more than the Tata Manza Aura Quadrajet priced at Rs.6.65 lakh and Rs. 10,000 more than the Mahindra Verito D6 priced at Rs.6.69 lakh.

Ford is also offering a Rs. 30,000 cash discount on the top-end Fiesta Classic petrol (SXI) variant. The Fiesta Classic SXI, offered at a price of Rs. 7 lakh is Rs.68,000 cheaper than the Nissan Sunny XV priced at Rs. 6.68 lakh and Rs. 12,000 costlier than the Tata Manza Elan variant priced at Rs. 6.88 lakh.

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Ford Fiesta

Up to Rs.75,000 off on Ford cars this December

Ford is offering benefits worth Rs. 75,000 on the Fiesta’s petrol variants. The benefits will include free insurance worth Rs. 24,000, car matting worth Rs. 3,500, extended third year warranty worth Rs. 4650, a body kit worth Rs. 6,500 and accessories worth around Rs. 36,000, which will include things like navigation system, parking camera etc depending on buyer’s choice.

The Ford Fiesta is available in four variants; the 1.5P Style, 1.5P Trend, 1.5P Titanium and 1.5P Titanium Plus with a price range of Rs. 8.25 lakh – Rs. 9.44 lakh. The fully loaded Fiesta 1.5 P Titanium Plus, offered at Rs. 8.69 lakh (after the Rs. 75,000 discount deal), is Rs. 31,000 cheaper than the Hyundai Verna SX (O) priced at Rs. 9 lakh. The deal on the Fiesta Titanium Plus includes an insurance waiver, a navigation system and a few other goodies.

The offer price on Fiesta Titanium Plus (Rs. 8.69 lakh) is Rs. 5,000 more than the Honda City V MT priced at Rs. 8.64 lakh. But, as Fiesta gets insurance waiver, navigation system and a few other goodies, it is better value for money than the Honda City. However, when compared with the Volkswagen Vento Highline priced at Rs. 8.23 lakh and the Maruti Suzuki SX4 ZXI priced at Rs. 7.75 lakh, the Fiesta Titanium Plus offer price is dearer by Rs. 41,000 – 89,000. Read more: Fiesta discount

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Ford Endeavour

Up to Rs.75,000 off on Ford cars this December

Ford is offering an 8.99% interest rate for the Endeavour which starts at Rs. 17.07 lakh. The interest rate scheme is at the sole discretion of the finance company, so it may not be applicable to all. It’s also valid till stocks lost.

Assuming 85% of the Ford Endeavour 4×2 MT price (Rs. 17 lakh) is taken as loan with an interest rate of 8.99%, the EMI stands at Rs. 29,766 for a period of 5 years. This is Rs. 2,233 lower than if the loan is taken with an interest rate of 12.25% (floating interest in State bank of India, which results in an EMI of Rs. 31,999).

In the market, car finance rates are 12% and above currently, with more rate hikes being announced by banks. Hence, if you had been planning to buy the Endeavour, but put it off because of high interest rates, this is the right time to purchase this Ford SUV.