Upcoming 2023 Tata Harrier crashes into Maruti Ertiga while testing! [Video]

Tata is currently working on a facelift for its popular SUV, the Harrier. Spy pictures of the upcoming SUV have been spotted several times on the internet. Tata is aggressively testing the Harrier facelift, and it is expected to be launched in the market in the last quarter of this year. Recently, a test mule of the Harrier was involved in an accident. The Harrier had crashed into a Maruti Ertiga taxi. The video of the accident has already surfaced online and gone viral, uploaded by Gurgaon wale on their YouTube channel.

This is a short clip that shows a fully camouflaged Tata Harrier crashed into a Maruti Ertiga MPV taxi. The left side front and rear wheels of the Tata Harrier were on the footpath, and the right side bumper had crashed into the rear bumper of the Ertiga. It appears to be a slow-speed crash since the fender and other panels on the Harrier and Ertiga look mostly undamaged. There is not much information related to this accident available in the video. It is possible that the driver might have been testing the Autonomous Emergency Braking feature on the SUV when the accident happened. However, this is just an assumption, and there is no certainty about what had actually happened. From the video, it looks like the accident had just happened as we can see the driver and passengers getting out of the Harrier and the taxi Ertiga, and it appears that none of them were injured.

Regarding the Harrier facelift, we have seen clear pictures of the exterior and interior. The split headlamp setup has been retained, but the bumper looks slightly more edgy and sharper than before, giving the Harrier a more muscular appearance. We can also see a horizontal grille split between the upper and lower parts of the bumper. Everything else remains the same as before. There is a possibility that Tata might offer a LED connecting bar between the tail lamps.

Upcoming 2023 Tata Harrier crashes into Maruti Ertiga while testing! [Video]
Tata Harrier facelift accident

On the inside, the design of the dashboard remains the same, with faux wooden panel inserts on the dashboard. The major difference is the new touchscreen infotainment screen, which looks a lot more premium than the older version and is similar to what we have seen with the Red and Dark Editions of the Harrier and Safari. The design of the gear lever on this SUV is also different from the current version. The electric parking brake is placed behind the gear lever, and the seat is finished in brown-colored leatherette upholstery.

Another change that we are expecting to see in the upcoming Harrier facelift is the engine. The SUV will come with the same 2.0-liter turbocharged diesel engine that generates 170 Ps and 350 Nm of peak torque as the current version. It will be offered with both manual and automatic transmission. In addition to the diesel engine, Tata is also expected to offer a petrol engine. The petrol engine is a 1.5-liter turbocharged unit that will generate 170 Ps and 280 Nm of peak torque. Whether Tata will be offering manual and automatic transmission with this engine is something that we have to wait and see. The same engine and cosmetic changes that are seen in the Harrier facelift will also be carried forward to the Safari.