Upcoming Honda City Hybrid in a walk around video

In a small attempt to revive its fortunes in India, Honda is trying to break into a niche segment by introducing the hybrid variant of the City sedan. The Honda City Hybrid is touted to be the next launch from the Japanese carmaker in India, and this YouTube video shows what the car will look like when it comes to India. In a YouTube video by Gagan Chaudhary, we can see a walk-around of the exterior of the Honda City Hybrid and how it will look on the inside.

The Honda City Hybrid is expected to come to India in the exclusive ‘RS’ trim. To sit above the top-spec ZX variant, this new version has a few additional highlights at the front, like a blacked-out grille element with an RS badge in place of chrome slab, honeycomb inserts for the front grille, revised fog lamp housings and smoked effect for the all-LED headlamps. At the rear too, the Honda City Hybrid gets additional bits like an RS badge and slim-looking spoiler on the boot lid and a faux carbon fibre diffuser below the rear bumper.

Gets a luxurious cabin as well

Step inside the cabin, and you will find that the Honda City Hybrid has an all-black cabin with contrast silver touches, unlike the dual-tone black and beige cabin layout with piano black and faux wood finish in the current trims of City sold in India. As a part of the RS trim package, the steering wheel and seats of the car will come with contrast red stitching.

There are a few more additional bits that make the Honda City Hybrid feel more special. The car is expected to come with a range of autonomous driving assistance features. As a part of this package, the car will come with a camera placed at the top of the front windscreen and a few new switches on the steering wheel and dashboard. In addition to these features, the Honda City Hybrid will retain all the comfort, convenience and safety features of the top-spec City ZX variant.

Upcoming Honda City Hybrid in a walk around video

The real magic of the Honda City Hybrid lies under its hood, as the car comes with a different powertrain unique to its segment. Powering the Honda City Hybrid is a combination of a 1.5-litre naturally-aspirated four-cylinder petrol engine running on an Atkinson cycle and an electric motor with a battery setup.

While the engine produces 98 PS of power and 127 Nm of torque, the electric motor churns out 108 PS of power and 253 Nm of torque. To be available with CVT as standard, the Honda City Hybrid promises a fuel economy figure of 26.5 kmpl. Expect the Honda City Hybrid to arrive in India in the price range of Rs 17-18 lakh.

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