Upcoming Honda City Hybrid price announcement tomorrow: Details leaked

Honda Cars India will add the new City e:HEV hybrid to its line-up tomorrow. The all-new car will run on futuristic hybrid technology that will make it the most fuel-efficient sedan in the Indian market. Before the official price announcement tomorrow, a report from Rushlane gives out all the details on the car.

Upcoming Honda City Hybrid price announcement tomorrow: Details leaked

According to the leaked document accessed by Rushlane, the new Honda City Hybrid will be available in two trims – V and ZX. The top-spec ZS trim will come packed with high-end features including the Advanced Driver Assistance System or ADAS. The Honda City will become the first Honda car and the first mass-segment sedan in the country to offer ADAS.

The Honda City coming to India will be similar to the Thailand spec. The ADAS will offer a long list of features including features such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure mitigation system with lane departure warning, collision mitigation braking, automatic high beam, and lane-keep assist.

Honda City e:HEV Hybrid

Upcoming Honda City Hybrid price announcement tomorrow: Details leaked

Unlike the 1.5-litre naturally-aspirated petrol engine in the current petrol-powered variants of the City, the Honda City Hybrid will get a combination of a 1.5-litre four-cylinder Atkinson petrol engine, two electric motors and a battery.

The petrol engine is capable of producing 98 PS of maximum power and 127 Nm of peak torque output. This engine powers the front wheels through a CVT gearbox.

Among the two electric motors on offer, one will drive the front wheels of the City Hybrid through a unique single-speed gearbox, and the second motor acts as an integrated starter generator. The electric motor propelling the front wheels is good enough to pump out 109 PS of power output and 253 Nm of torque.

This entire powertrain can be operated in three different drive modes – petrol-only mode, petrol-electric hybrid mode and electric-only mode. While in the petrol-only mode, only the 1.5-litre petrol engine will serve as the powerhouse, while in the electric-only mode, the power will come from the battery and motor combination, which will give the car a limited range from the charge remaining in the battery.

The new Honda City will offer a fuel efficiency of around 30 km/l, which will be much higher than the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz automatic, which returns around 20 km/l. The hybrid and high fuel efficiency are likely to attract a lot of buyers.

City Hybrid will not be cheap

The all-new Honda City Hybrid will offer technologies that no other vehicle in the segment offers. We can easily see the Honda City with a price tag of around Rs 18-20 lakh. But that would not be a problem as competitors like the Skoda Slavia and even the upcoming Volkswagen Virtus will fall in the same price range.

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