Upcoming Hyundai Exter design completely out before official launch

Ahead of its July 10th launch, Hyundai has unveiled the rear profile of the Exter through official images released on its social media platforms. These images showcase the rugged appearance of the sub-compact SUV, which will be positioned below the Venue compact SUV once it is launched in India.

Upcoming Hyundai Exter design completely out before official launch

In the official images released by Hyundai, the Exter displays H-shaped LED inserts for the tail lamps, resembling the design of the daytime running LEDs at the front. Another notable feature of the Exter’s rear profile is a thick black textured garnish running between the tail lamps and above the license plate housing, which also holds the Hyundai logo in the center.

The muscular appeal of the Hyundai Exter’s rear view is further enhanced by a bulky-looking faux silver skid plate situated within black body cladding on the lower half of the rear bumper. Reflectors are placed on the upper corners of the faux silver skid plate. Additionally, the image of the rear profile reveals an LED brake light positioned between the roof spoiler, textured finish on the C-pillar, shark fin antenna, and roof rails.

Hyundai Exter

Upcoming Hyundai Exter design completely out before official launch

Previously released images by Hyundai have showcased the front and side profiles of the Exter, highlighting the sub-compact SUV’s unique design language. The Exter features H-shaped daytime running LEDs, rectangular housings for the LED projectors, a wide grille, and a faux silver skid plate at the front. Its side profile displays an upright and tall stance with squared wheel arches, body cladding, Tucson-inspired creases on the front and rear fenders, and machined alloy wheels.

In addition to the mentioned highlights and features, the new Hyundai Exter will also include a sunroof, wireless charger, dashcam with dual cameras and a 2.31-inch screen, automatic climate control, and a modern touchscreen infotainment system. Standard safety features across all variants consist of six airbags, ESC, ABS with EBD, reverse parking sensors and camera, and hill start assist.

Upcoming Hyundai Exter design completely out before official launch

The Hyundai Exter will be equipped with a 1.2-liter four-cylinder naturally-aspirated petrol engine as the sole powertrain option. This engine will be available with 5-speed manual and 5-speed AMT gearbox options, delivering 83 bhp of power and 114 Nm of maximum torque. It is the same engine used in other Hyundai models such as the Grand i10 Nios, Aura, and lower-spec variants of the Venue.

The new Hyundai Exter is set to officially go on sale on July 10th and will directly compete against rivals like the Tata Punch and Citroen C3.

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