Upcoming Mahindra Marazzo MPV’s dashboard fully REVEALED

Mahindra will soon launch their premium MPV which they have named the Marazzo. Internally known as U321, the new name of the MPV translates into ‘shark’ in the Spanish language. Mahindra Marazzo’s official website has revealed the dashboard of the upcoming car completely and it looks quite premium.

Upcoming Mahindra Marazzo MPV’s dashboard fully REVEALED

The first picture of the dashboard reveals the dual tone finish of the vehicle completely. The lower part of the fascia gets a beige colour while the upper portion gets a black tone. It also gets a textured finish that covers the extreme AC vents and incorporates the infotainment system too.

There are four AC vents on the dashboard, which are angular in shape. In between the black and beige colours, the dashboard also gets a silver plastic insert. Mahindra has subtly used the chrome accents around the dashboard to add a premium feel to the vehicle. It sure looks quite upmarket.

Upcoming Mahindra Marazzo MPV’s dashboard fully REVEALED

The infotainment screen looks like a 7-inch touchscreen system but we cannot confirm the size. The system will feature smartphone connectivity options like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Also seen in the picture is the automatic climate control system, which indicates that the top-end variants of the car will be quite loaded with features. The three-spoke steering wheel also looks quite premium. The steering wheel gets a premium look with faux aluminium inserts. It also gets buttons that can be used to control the infotainment system of the vehicle. The steering wheel also gets a button for cruise control, which is expected to be available on the top-end variant of the car.

Mahindra had earlier revealed the instrument cluster of the vehicle. There is a coloured multi-information display placed between the analogue meters that give it a classy look. As the design is inspired by the shark, the instrument cluster gets a bluish highlight surrounding the console.

The Marazzo will be equipped with a lot of features just like all the Mahindra cars. It will be positioned between the Toyota Innova Crysta and Maruti Ertiga in the Indian market. Mahindra will launch the vehicle by September 2018, just ahead of the festive season.

Here is a detailed look into the upcoming MPV

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