Upcoming Mahindra S201 SUV & U321 MPV to have Sanskrit/Haryanvi names? Anand Mahindra reveals plans!

It’s well-known that Anand Mahindra, the Executive Chairman of the Mahindra Group, is very active on Twitter. Recently, the Mahindra Group chairman invited suggestions from his followers for the name of the next Mahindra vehicle. Actually, a Twitter follower asked Anand Mahindra if he could make a car with a Hindi name. Soon, Mahindra invited suggestions from his followers. “Give me some suggestions…I enjoy collecting a library of possible car names…,” he tweeted.

Soon, Anand Mahindra’s Twitter timeline was flooded with responses, with suggestions varying from Haryanvi to Sanskrit names. A member of the Art of Living suggested that a car can be named after one of the chariots of Lord Krishna: “One Krishna’s chariot name :-Daruga. Krishna had 4 horses. 1. Balahak (whitish) 2. Meghapuspa/Meghan (color of clouds) 3. Shaibya (green like a parrot) 4. Sugreeva (yellow-gold).”

Another follower even suggested “Mahindra Bahubali”. He even said that the background music for this name is already available and is fairly popular. Of course, the Twitter user had looked at the recent hit movie series ‘Bahubali’ for inspiration. Many Twitter users even suggested popular names like “Chetak”, “Humsafar” and “Teer”. Moreover, one Twitter user even suggested  “Dhakad”, which is the Haryanvi word for ‘daring’. He said that this name is apt as it’s in line with the robustness of the Mahindra vehicles. “The kind of vehicles Mahindra produces, it should be named “????”,” he tweeted.

Another Twitter user decided to build upon Mahindra’s tradition of ending the names of its vehicles with the letter ‘O’ (eg- Bolero, Scorpio, Xylo, Verito). He suggested ‘Mahindra Shastro’, based on the Sanskrit word ‘Shastra’. Really amazed by the overwhelming response he received from his followers, Anand Mahindra tweeted, “What an amazing response..My sincere gratitude to everyone for these incredibly useful inputs. My library of names is going to grow exponentially.” We wonder if any of the upcoming Mahindra cars, which include the S201 SUV and the U321 MPV, would have a Sanskrit or a Haryanvi name.