Mahindra is working hard on gaining lost market share with new car launches. One of the upcoming cars from the brand will be the new flagship – Mahindra XUV 700. It will the most expensive Mahindra car in India and it has already been revealed in the Indian market. The XUV 700 will be launched during the festive season in India but it is already available in many international markets as the SsangYong Rexton G4. Mahindra will rebadge the SsangYong and will assemble the new car in India, which will bring the prices down drastically. What do the international journalists think about the SsangYong Rexton G4 that will be launched in India as Mahindra XUV 700? Let’s find out.

Video review

The video review done by Driver’s Seat based in the UK explains the upcoming car quite well. The reviewer after explaining the trims and features of the SUV, starts to talk about the engine specifications. The car is powered by the same 2.2-litre diesel engine that will come to India and it produces a maximum of 179 Bhp and 420 Nm. He describes the engine as quite powerful and capable enough to make the wheels spin. The 7-speed automatic transmission sourced from Mercedes-Benz is also described as smooth and swift. The cabin is quite well insulated and does not allow much noise to filter into the cabin, however, there is clatter at high RPMs and low speeds. There is also a six-speed manual transmission available with the car but that is unlikely to make it to the Indian market. The transmission can be shifted manually but it is not very quick.

The ride quality is comfortable and the suspension is set on the softer side. The body roll of the car is reasonably well but if you push harder, the front tyres make screeching sounds. The steering is light at low speeds but at higher speed, the steering becomes inconsistent. The car gets a 4WD system as an option and there’s low range transfer case too. The car comes with a host of safety features like lane departure warning, 3D camera, but they are not expected in India.

The reviewer also describes the luxury level is as good as S-Class from far away. The car is also quite loaded with seat heater, seat ventilator, 7-inch infotainment and powered seats with memory function. The space management is also explained as well managed with a number of features. The car will get only the 7-seater in the Indian market. Internationally, it is also available as a 5-seater.


Off-roading review

The Mahindra XUV 700 will get a ground clearance of 215mm but it may change according to the Indian rules of measurement. It will also get a 4X4 Low Ratio transmission that increases its off-roading capability by a huge margin. Here is an off-roading test that has been done by New Motoring and it shows how capable the SUV is. The reviewer talks about the vehicle’s capability in a few challenges. He did the “axle-breaker”, that makes sure that only two wheels are touching the ground at any point of time and the Rexton passed it with flying colours. He also did shallow water crossing test and a slippery hill climb test that also testified the car’s capability while doing off-roading.


Text review

Here is a text review done by Motoring Network in New Zealand. The reviewer appreciates the body-on-frame design of the SUV and the low-ratio transfer case that it gets. They also describe the third-row seating as kids friendly but the second row gets a huge amount of space. The reviewer also talks about the premium features of the vehicle and says that it has extremely improved over the last version of the Rexton that is available in India. The review also says that there are a wide number of features available with the new version of the vehicle and it will gain a lot of attention in the Indian market.