Mahindra XUV e8 EV based on XUV700 spotted testing

Mahindra announced its mega plans to bring a slew of new electric models to the Indian market in the coming years. One of the most interesting models showcased by Mahindra was the e8, which is the electrified version of the XUV700. Mahindra has started testing the road tests of the new upcoming electric SUV and this seems to be the first picture of the upcoming vehicle.

Mahindra XUV e8 EV based on XUV700 spotted testing

The all-new electric vehicle was spotted testing on the public roads. The new e8 will be the first electric SUV on the born-electric platform from the brand to go into production. It will arrive in the Indian market in December 2024. The new car will be based on the INGLO platform, which is a Mahindra Born Electric modular platform and will underpin a lot of upcoming electric cars from the brand.

Based on XUV700

Mahindra XUV e8 EV based on XUV700 spotted testing

Even though it is based on the XUV700, there are significant changes to the car that makes it look very different. While the final product may look slightly different from what Mahindra showcased, the car still looks extremely different from the XUV700. The front end of the car looks very aggressive with the bumper-mounted headlamps and a sculpted bonnet. The rear of the car, however, looks very similar to the XUV700. Mahindra has changed the bumper design of the XUV.e8 though.

The XUV.e8 is huge in proportions. It is 4,740mm long, 1,900mm wide and 1,760mm tall. The wheelbase is 2,762mm long. Comparing it with the XUV700, it is 45mm longer, 10mm wider and 5mm taller. The wheelbase is also 7mm longer than the XUV700.

Mahindra will use an 80kWh battery pack with the XUV.e8. It will have a power output in the range of 230 PS to 350 PS. Other details on the powertrain are not out yet.

XUV700 Aero EV coming too

Mahindra XUV e8 EV based on XUV700 spotted testing

The new XUV.e9 electric SUV will come to the market in 2025. The design of the XUV.e9 draws inspiration from the XUV Aero Concept. The coupe-like design of the XUV.e9 makes it even longer than the XUV.e8. It is a five-seater version and gets an extremely long wheelbase of 2,775mm.

The all-new XUV.e9 gets all-LED lights with bumper-mounted headlamps and a closed-off front grille from the XUV.e8. The roof gets a coupe-like design at the rear. The tail section is flat and it sure looks very unique. The XUV.e9 also gets prominent gloss-black cladding all around the body. Mechanically, it will be similar to the XUV.e8 EV and will get the same 80 kWh battery pack.

The BE range of Mahindra electric cars will be available in the market from 2025 onwards. These models will have a different look with C-shaped LED headlamp and tail lamp elements and sharply cut body surfaces.

XUV400 EV coming soon

Mahindra will soon put a price tag on the all-new XUV400 EV. The brand will announce the prices of the new electric SUV later this week. This will be the most affordable electric vehicle from the brand at the moment and will take on the likes of the Tata Nexon EV. Mahindra has already released the teaser videos of the XUV400.