Upcoming Mahindra XUV700 7 seat SUV REVEALED through leaked pictures

For a long time now, Mahindra has been testing the upcoming XUV700 in the Indian market. It is scheduled to launch in the coming months but Mahindra is yet to announce an official launch date of the upcoming flagship. While Mahindra has started revealing the features of the upcoming vehicle, these leaked pictures show what the production version of the all-new XUV700 will look like in real life.

Upcoming Mahindra XUV700 7 seat SUV REVEALED through leaked pictures

The pictures came as forwarded texts on WhatsApp. The overall design looks like an MPV with a strong face. At the front, Mahindra has placed its vertical grille design that extends to become the headlamps of the vehicle. The design of the headlamps is quite unique too. They form closed brackets with LED DRL flowing downwards.

The front grille is all-black but we are not sure if Mahindra will also add chrome to the production model of the upcoming car. The side of the XUV700 gets deep creases that form the wheel arches and a beltline connect both of them. The pillars are in black colour except for the A-Pillar, which is in body colour.

The alloy wheels also get an interesting design, however, they do not seem like a good fit for the design of the vehicle. The window line also gets a small bump and there is silver beading that underlines the glasses.

The rear gets massive looking tail lamps in a tri-star design. We can also spot a sharkfin antenna on the vehicle. There is a panoramic sunroof on the vehicle but it is not visible in the leaked images.

Upcoming Mahindra XUV700 7 seat SUV REVEALED through leaked pictures

2021 Mahindra XUV700

Mahindra has revealed quite a lot about the XUV700 through teaser videos. The feature list of the upcoming vehicle will be quite long. To start with, the all-new XUV700 will get the most powerful engines in the segment. There will be a mStallion 2.0-litre petrol engine that will generate a maximum power of 200 Bhp. The diesel variants will get the 2.2-litre mHawk and the maximum output will be around 185 Bhp.

The upcoming XUV700 will also get a dual-screen set-up on the dashboard. The widescreen will act as an instrument cluster and infotainment system. The design is inspired by the Mercedes-Benz models. The actual size of the massive screen remains unknown.

Officially, Mahindra has revealed that the all-new vehicle will offer features like smart door handles, which are inspired by Cheetah’s claw. The flush design handles do look premium on the car. Mahindra has also mentioned that the all-new XUV700 will offer the largest roof in the segment, which they call the sky roof. The vehicle will also get an automatic headlamp booster to illuminate dark roads and personalized safety alerts as well.

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