All-new Royal Enfield Classic 350 exhaust note will be like this [Video]

Royal Enfield will launch the all-new Classic 350 in the Indian market in the coming weeks. The upcoming motorcycle has already been spotted multiple times revealing the details of the bike. Now a video of the upcoming Classic 350 reveals how the motorcycle will sound.

The video is from Rajasthan where Royal Enfield is currently working on the television commercials of the bike. The video shows the motorcycle from all angles but it is the first time that we got to hear the exhaust note from this bike.

Yes, it is a new engine that made its debut with the Meteor 350. It is a 349cc, single-cylinder, SOHC, air and oil-cooled engine. It is fuel-injected and also gets a new counter balancer that ensures that the vibrations remain under control. The engine does sound throaty but it is smoother than the previous Classic 350.

The engine produces a maximum power of 21 PS at 6,100 rpm and a peak torque of 27 Nm at 4,000 rpm with the Meteor. It will remain the same with the upcoming Classic 350 too. It will come with a five-speed transmission.

New Platform

All-new Royal Enfield Classic 350 exhaust note will be like this [Video]

The upcoming Royal Enfield Classic 350 is based on the new J-platform, which also underpins the Meteor 350. The design of the Classic remains largely the same to retain the retro look. However, modern features are added to attract the youngsters.

Royal Enfield will also launch a single-seater version of the bike like the current version of the bike. Also, it retains the round headlamp with a chrome periphery. The bike also comes with steel rims that look similar to the outgoing model. While the design of the turn indicators, the fuel tank look very same as the outgoing version.

The footage also indicates that there are no changes done to the front and rear suspension of the bike. The handlebar, however, is new. So is the instrument cluster, which is analogue-digital. Royal Enfield will also offer the Tripper navigation system as it offers like the Meteor and updated Himalayan.

There are more changes. The bike gets new switches and buttons. It gets rotary switches that can be used for self-start and headlamps. The bike will be available in two variants. There will be a factory-fitted single seat option and a regular standard version.

Two colours of the upcoming bike have already been spotted before the official launch. It is likely that Royal Enfield will offer a range of colours to attract customers. The launch is expected to happen sometime in August while the deliveries will begin soon after the official launch.

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