Upcoming Tata Punch micro SUV is shorter but wider than Maruti Swift

Tata will officially reveal the all-new Punch in the Indian market on 4th October. Now that the Tata Punch has reached most Tata dealerships across India, the details are slowly coming out. The latest information about the upcoming Tata Punch is its dimensions.

Upcoming Tata Punch micro SUV is shorter but wider than Maruti Swift

Tata Punch is the second car to be based on the ALFA platform that underpins the all-new Altroz in the market. The all-new Tata Punch will take on the likes of Mahindra KUV100 in the market. However, since it looks quite big due to its design, we will compare the dimensions of the Punch with the Maruti Suzuki Swift to give you a vague idea.

Dimensions Punch Swift
Wheelbase 2450mm 2450mm
Length 3840mm 3845mm
Width 1800mm 1735mm
Height 1635mm 1530mm
Ground Clearance 187mm 163mm

As the table shows, the Tata Punch is 5mm shorter in length compared to the Maruti Suzuki Swift. However, the Tata Punch is 65mm wider than the Swift and 105mm taller too. That just adds a very muscular and dominating look to the Punch.

The Tata Punch also gets 24mm more ground clearance than the Swift. Both the cars offer identical wheelbase lengths. The dimensions give us a fair idea of the space that Tata Punch will offer compared to the likes of Swift.

2021 Tata Punch

The Tata Punch comes with a split design for its headlamp, with the upper one housing the dual functioning daytime running LEDs and the lower one getting the main headlight with a projector unit for the same. The Punch gets heavy body cladding all around and the options of dual-tone paint schemes. Other major design highlights of the Tata Punch on the outside are machined alloy wheels and small LED tail lamps.

The Tata Punch retains the squared design for the AC vents, flat bottom multi-functional flat-bottom steering wheel and part-digital instrument console from the HBX concept. The dashboard gets an off-white finish for its central layer, while the AC vents will be getting colour-coded surrounds. Other main features of the cabin include keyless entry with push-button start, automatic climate control.

The all-new Tata Punch will come powered only by a petrol engine option. It will get the same 1.2-litre three-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine from the Tiago, Tigor and Altroz. The engine, in all likelihood, will have power and torque outputs of 86 bhp and 113 Nm respectively. A 5-speed manual gearbox will be the standard transmission option, though, in later stages, the Punch might come with an optional 5-speed AMT gearbox as well. The possibility of inclusion of turbo-petrol variants in future cannot be neglected too.

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