Upcoming Tata Punch micro SUV is very capable off the road: Proof

Tata Motors will soon launch the all-new Punch in the Indian market and will announce the prices of the car too. The sub-4m Tata Punch is getting a micro SUV tag as we have seen before with many other vehicles. But can Tata Punch really do off-roading? Here is a video that shows Tata Punch taking on different obstacles on a curated off-roading track during the media drive.


In the video, the Tata Punch going around the off-roading track. It also shows Tata Punch’s capability of taking the rough terrains quite amazingly. We crossed many obstacles including deep tracks that tested the ground clearance of the car, taking on a banked surface, going through a water crossing, slush and even showing its unique feature by driving on the ice.

There is not a single time where the Tata Punch got stuck. It really translates into becoming the most capable vehicle in the segment. Tata has revealed that the Punch offers some of the best off-roading features in the segment.

Tata Punch off-roading

Even though the Tata Punch offers a ground clearance of 187mm, which may not seem like a lot compared to other vehicles but it did not create any problems in the video. The Punch also offers a high approach angle, departure angle and breakover angle. No other manufacturer who has a car in this segment has ever revealed these figures.

According to the official specifications, the all-new Tata Punch gets a class-leading approach angle of 20.3 degrees, departure angle of 37.6 degrees and breakover or ramp-over angle of 22.2 degrees. The Punch also offers 370mm of water wading, which is again class-leading.

The Punch also gets a guided traction control system with the AMT. If the car gets stuck, the infotainment screen of the Punch guides the driver to press the accelerator and the brake together. The car detects the slip of the wheel and then releases the brake pressure on the wheel that is not spinning. This allows the Punch to take on much more challenging situations compared to the competitors.

Only petrol engine

Tata will offer the Punch only with a single petrol engine option. The buyers will get the Punch with a 1.2-litre three-cylinder petrol engine that generates a maximum power of 86 PS and peak torque of 113 Nm. There is a choice between a 5-speed manual and a 5-speed AMT transmission.

Tata will launch the all-new Punch on 20th October. The cars have already reached the dealerships across the country so the deliveries are likely to begin on the day of launch.