Upcoming Toyota Innova HyCross cabin shows new dashboard

The testing of possibly the next big thing from Toyota, the Innova Hycross, is in full swing. The new MPV from Toyota is expected to be positioned as a more premium MPV even than the current-generation Innova Crysta, with more new-generation comfort and convenience features. One such modern-day feature expected to make its presence in the new Toyota Innova Hycross is a free-standing touchscreen infotainment system.

In one of the latest sightings of the camouflaged test mule of Toyota Innova Hycross being tested on Indian roads, a small glimpse of the cabin reveals that the new MPV will have a free-standing touchscreen infotainment system. The video showcasing this test mule of the Innova Hycross has been uploaded on YouTube by Naveen Gowda.

This rectangular touchscreen infotainment system has angular edges and is shaped in a rectangular fashion. Expect this new infotainment system to feature wireless connectivity for Android Auto and Apple Carplay and a whole new suite of connected car features. Apart from this new touchscreen infotainment system, the spy video doesn’t show any other details of the Innova Hycross but expect the interior to have premium features like leather upholstery, dual-zone automatic climate control, wireless charger and a powered driver’s seat.

Upcoming Toyota Innova HyCross cabin shows new dashboard

The video also showcases how the new Toyota Innova Hycross is taking shape in an almost production-ready form. The new Innova Hycross looks visibly larger than the current-gen Innova Crysta, though it also gets a sloping design for the front bonnet and a sweptback layout for the headlamps. The front fascia, which though is fully camouflaged, is expected to get a bigger front grille, with the headlamps having an all-LED functionality. The video also shows indicates how the rear profile will look like, with sleek tail lamps having LED inserts for the brake lights and halogen turn indicators.

No diesel in Toyota Innova HyCross

It is likely that Toyota Innova Hycross will not be offered with a diesel engine, and instead with getting two petrol engines – one mild-hybrid and one strong-hybrid – just like the newly-launched Urban Cruiser Hyryder. The strong-hybrid, which will come integrated with motor and battery assists, will replace the diesel powertrain. The current iteration of the Toyota Innova Crysta has been available with 2.7-litre petrol and 2.4-litre diesel engine, the latter of which was recently discontinued temporarily.

It is not clear whether the new Toyota Innova Hycross will replace the Innova Crysta or will be positioned as a more premium offering above it. Another speculation is suggesting that the Innova Crysta will continue to be sold alongside the Innova Hycross, but only with base and mid-spec variants. The new Toyota Innova Hycross is said to make its global debut sometime in November 2022.

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