Updated Maruti Ritz and Swift coming in 2015 and 2017

Maruti Suzuki will revamp its B+ segment hatchbacks in the coming years. The Ritz tall boy will be updated first, in 2015, with the Swift seeing an all new model a couple of years later.

Updated Maruti Ritz and Swift coming in 2015 and 2017

Both cars are good sellers for Maruti Suzuki in India but the Swift runs rings around every other B+ segment hatchback here including the Ritz, with the car managing a consistent monthly average sales of around 15,000 units. This also means that the Ritz is the car that needs a major update first. The Ritz, first launched in India during 2009, is in the middle of its life cycle. The car was facelifted last year and the next couple of years should herald an all-new model going by Suzuki car life cycles.

The Ritz will see an update in 2015 and the car is likely to adopt a new platform, which could be the current Swift’s platform. The current Ritz is based on the previous/1st generation Swift’s platform. The new platform (current/2nd generation Swift platform) could make the Ritz larger. Apart from a larger size, the new Ritz could benefit from additional features and a new turbo diesel engine from the new engine range that Suzuki is developing for use on all its small cars. Along with the new turbo diesel engine, expect the Ritz to continue being offered with a petrol engine as well.

Maruti will facelift the Swift hatchback next year, with features such as a start-stop system, cruise control, key less entry and push button start. Cosmetically, the car will be largely unchanged except for the possible addition of new paint schemes. The Swift’s next generation model will arrive in 2017, 6 years after the launch of the car’s second generation version. As Maruti Suzuki is rumoured to be developing a brand new B+ hatchback code-named the YRA, as a challenger to the next generation i20 and the Honda Jazz, the next generation Swift could retain its current size and positioning.