Upset S-Class owner stranded in Mumbai floods: Hyundai provides better service than Mercedes

Mumbai city came to a grind after receiving 315.8 mm of rainfall within 12 hours. It is said to be the highest ever since 2005. A Mumbai resident, Nishant Jitendra Joshi who was also stuck in the rain shares his horror story with us.

What exactly happened?

Mr. Joshi shared his troubles through a Facebook post after his Mercedes-Benz S-Class got stuck in flood and no one helped him. Mr. Joshi says that he got stuck in deep water on Mumbai roads. The vehicle got hydro locked and stopped in the water.

The owner called the manager of the Mercedes showroom – Auto Hanger, who asked the owner to check for warnings on the COMAND infotainment system. According to Mr. Joshi, there was no warning showing up on the screen. He also said that the regular cars like Hyundai Elite i20 were working fine in that level of water.

After not finding any warnings on the screen, Mr. Joshi was advised to go through the owner’s manual. Finally, after four hours, the manager from Auto Hanger said that there was too much water (water-logging) in the area and there was nothing that they could do about it. He also said that there were many other vehicles stuck on the road because of the same reason.

Slowly, the water level rose, and it reached till the central console of the car. Mr. Joshi says that the water also entered the trunk of the car. After the futile requests to service center, Mr. Joshi called for a tow service on his own and got the car towed by them to his home.

Currently, Mercedes-Benz dealership has not started any work on the vehicle. The owner has also posted on various social media websites like Twitter tagging the official Mercedes-Benz handle, which did not bring in relief. He has also mailed the officials and asked for an update on the same.

Mr. Joshi has bought various vehicles from the same dealerships over last three years. He says a total billing of over Rs. 2.3 crore has been done and he has bought A-Class, B-Class, GLE and S-Class from the same dealership. The owner has previously owned a Hyundai and says that the service of the Korean company is much faster and reliable than the German manufacturer.

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