Urfi Javed wants to sue Uber: Alleges that driver disappeared with luggage

Urfi Javed is a television personality who has become popular for her odd-looking fashion sense and interactions with paparazzi. This time, around Urfi Javed’s name has surfaced on social media for a whole different reason. Urfi wants to sue Uber as she alleges that her cab driver had disappeared with her luggage. She raised this issue on Twitter and other social media platforms and soon got a response from the cab aggregator.

Her Twitter post said, “Had the worst experience with @UberINSupport @Uber in Delhi, booked a cab for 6 hours, on my way to airport stopped to have lunch, the driver vanished with my luggage in the car. After interference from my male friend the driver came back completely drunk after 1 hour @Uber_India” Urfi Javed alleges that her cab driver had vanished from the spot when she had stopped to have lunch. When she found about it, Urfi asked her friend speak to the driver and asked him to come back. According to Urfi the driver came back after 1 hour and he was completely drunk.

Uber India’s Customer support was quick to respond on this matter. They wrote, “Hey, we’ve escalated this issue to our concerned team. A member of our safety team will get in touch with you at the earliest. Appreciate your time and patience. We deeply apologize for the experience you had, Uorfi. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards the use of drugs or alcohol while driving on the Uber platform and are committed to the safety of all our riders with the aim of reducing such incidents. We’ve duly addressed your concern and have sent you an update via the Help section of the app. Please let us know if you require any further assistance.”

Urfi Javed wants to sue Uber: Alleges that driver disappeared with luggage

This is not the first time, we have come across an incident where the passenger has had a bad experience with his cab driver. In the past there have been incidents where Uber drivers have tried to ram his car into customer over payment. There have been incidents where the driver has got into fight with the customer over the payment method. However, we are not generalising things here. There are drivers who are known to offer a great ride and behave properly to their customers. Last year in Bengaluru, a kind Uber driver took his tired customer to a restaurant and bought him food.

In this case, if claims made by Urfi javed are true, then we feel it was completely unprofessional from the side of the driver to behave in this manner. It is not clear whether this happened due to some confusion or did the driver just leave from the spot intentionally. Urfi also mentions that the driver was completely drunk when he came back but, she does not mention whether she continued her journey with the same driver or not. If that is case, then the driver was not only putting his own life at risk but the life of his passenger and other road users. Driving a car under the influence of alcohol is completely illegal.