US President Joe Biden takes the Electric Hummer for a ‘tyre spinning’ drive

In 2020, GMC pulled off a surprise by bringing back the ‘Hummer’ nameplate after a long hiatus of more than a decade, in the form of a new generation EV. Retaining the traditional upright stance of the original Hummer, the all-new Hummer EV has reincarnated in the form of a tech-lade electric vehicle with a whole new range of features and a powerful electric powertrain.

Ever since its arrival, the new Hummer EV has been catching everyone’s fancy around the world. The list of its admirers sees a new inclusion in none other than the president of the United States of America himself, Mr Joe Biden.

In a recent visit to General Motor’s second-largest vehicle manufacturing plant in Detroit, USA, Mr Biden got behind the wheel of the pickup version of the new Hummer EV and took it for a couple of short spins. The said plant is aptly named ‘Factory Zero’, which produces a range of all-electric zero-emission vehicles of General Motors, including the highly popular Chevrolet Bolt EV.

Biden spotted accelerating the Hummer EV

US President Joe Biden takes the Electric Hummer for a ‘tyre spinning’ drive

In a video uploaded by the YouTube channel MLive, the US President is seen taking a tour of the assembly lines of the ‘Factory Zero’, while being described the details of the all-new electric powertrain of the Hummer EV at the engine assembly line. After taking a tour of the factory, Mr Biden was given a test drive of the new Hummer EV, to showcase its mettle in terms of performance.

We can see that Mr Biden is seen accelerating the Hummer EV on a straight-line path within the factory in the video. The instantaneous acceleration of the Hummer EV is visible as the pickup gets to a flying start as soon as Mr Biden floors the acceleration pedal. After the drive, he was clicked with the vehicle by other officials present there.

The new Hummer EV has been brought back by GMC in two body styles – a pickup and an SUV. Based on a new BT1 platform, the all-new Hummer EV is available with a three-motor setup in its range-topping form, which claims maximum power and torque outputs of 1000 bhp and 15,000 Nm respectively. The 200 kWh battery pack of the Hummer EV is capable of churning out a maximum driving range of 563 km. The battery supports 800V DC fast charging that can give the vehicle a boost of 100 km in the driving range in a charging time of just 10 minutes.

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