1969 Ford Mustang replica based on Mercedes Benz for sale: Interested?

Ford Mustang is an iconic muscle car that has been around for years now. In India, Ford officially launched the Mustang only a few years back and it has become quite popular in the market. Ford Mustang has always been a popular choice with enthusiasts. Even before the official launch, there were many who imported the classic Mustang to India. It did require a lot of paperwork and moolah to import such vehicles. The easier way? Transform a vehicle in India to look like Mustang. Here is one such transformed Ford Mustang that is not an ordinary one. It is based on a Mercedes-Benz, no less. And you can also buy this Mercedes-Benz transformed into a Mustang.

This is Mercedes-Benz E-Class that has been transformed into a 1969 Ford Mustang. In 1969, Ford introduced unique variants of the Mustang with the Boss moniker and this transformation job is inspired by the same. The Ford Mustang Boss 429 was built to perform like race cars but was street legal. The exterior of the 1969 Mustang Boss saw some drastic changes, which have been incorporated in this transformation job too. The biggest eye-catching element was the massive hood scoop, which this transformation job also gets. However, we are not sure if it a faux implant or works in real life.

Ford removed all the body cladding and added a front lip and rear spoiler to the muscle car. It was a looker and turned heads instantly. This E-Class-based transformation job gets a lot of inspiration but is not an exact replica of the 1969 Mustang Boss 429. It misses special features like a lovely front lower spoiler and the fastback roof but it does the job well.

The E-Class has been converted into a two-door and it gets two seats only. The seller has not mentioned the number of kilometres on the odometer though. Also, details like the year of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class it is based on is also missing. Nonetheless, Mercedes-Benz E-Class is built to last a lifetime and get really sound mechanicals. This gets a petrol V6 engine, which will not match the Boss Mustang’s performance or the burble but it sure will be much more practical to drive and maintain in the future. It gets an automatic transmission too.

The seller has mentioned that the car gets special red paint with a high gloss finish and 20-inch beautiful looking rims. Even the cabin has been modified to look like a vintage car and gets an all-red theme. The asking price of this Mercedes-Benz E-Class transformed into a Mustang is Rs 15 lakhs and if you want more information, you can contact the seller directly by clicking here.